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Lilly White Feb 2012
To all of my Flower Children
Near and Far
Your Mother is wilting
Please do not be alarmed
For I am old
And cannot hold
The burdens of humans
So all of my Flower Children
Will carry out my obligations
And meet my expectations
To grow peace in the world.
(c) Lilly White 2012
Lilly White Feb 2011
The owl comes out
To see the night sky
He ponders and thinks,
But doesn't see why
These creatures are so different
They are bigger
They are stronger
Yet are so weak
They don't get along with their own kind
And they all turn against each other
The owl looks about
And discovers the stars
Unlike these creatures
He is able to see far
The young owl is full of curiosity
Yet he is expected to be wise
So then the owl takes off
To see the world
For what it really is
(c) 2011 Lilly White
Lilly White Feb 2011
I remember the first time I met him
He had the most amazing smile
And he sure was fine
He'd smile at me
And I'd smile back
Everyday, he would meet me at my apartment
Then we'd walk to school
Discussing our deep thoughts
Whether it would be something good or bad
He would always be there
Or at least I thought he would
(c) 2011 Lilly White
Lilly White Feb 2011
I walk out the window
Onto the rope
My feet bleed
But I can cope
I walk carefully
Then our eyes meet
As I watch the girl
Stare at me
Her amber eyes
Meet mine
And I almost lose balance
But I pick myself up
And just keep walking
Ignoring the girl
Like I did before
(c) 2011 Lilly White
Lilly White Feb 2011
Everyday as I walk down the street,
I see a boy walking on a thin rope
He is ***** and very skinny
His clothes are wrinkled
His hair is scruffy
But I could see so much in him
The people watch
As the tightrope walker walks
Yet I stare amorously
Trying to figure out his story
I am in love with the tightrope walker
And one day,
I will walk the rope
With him...
And I will tell him
What my heart is telling me
Because past that tightrope walker,
Is a boy I once knew
(c) 2011 Lilly White
Lilly White Feb 2011
I saw in a magazine
A beautiful black woman
Her hair was wild
Her face was dark
She was a true black beauty
Then I looked in the mirror
And I saw myself
I am black, but certaintly not beautiful
My hair is coarse
My eyes are dark
Black and beautiful don't mix
But on that woman,
Her beauty prooves that statement wrong.
(c) 2011 Lilly White
Lilly White Feb 2011
He was curious. He was dangerous.
And sure enough he loved her.
She begged for him, yet he resisted.
Because he felt she was too much.
Too much for him.
She was addicting.
She was afraid.
Yet the two,
could withstand the rain.
So call them strange, and you will see
what the two lovers can hold.
Because the world is theirs.
All theirs... for no one else to see.
(c) 2011 Lilly White
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