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le wy Nov 2017
I haven't submitted any poetry for so long it makes me guilty!!! Here's to being active now more than ever :)
le wy Nov 2017
I will return to myself
And I will have the greatest homecoming no one would ever dare to see
le wy Feb 2015
The ocean is
always  taking all the waves back;
always selfish.
more so like you
affirming the giant in your words and promises
you  take them back

The ocean is
always taking the largest portion
more so like you
but was just of great irony
a paradox;
a mere contradiction;
you never give in
never left space;
worse is that
instead of letting me in
you always let me drown
sinking in deeper to the possible thoughts you're thinking
and dipping in closer to the mysteries of your being

You're the ocean
I am the sand
you only leave prints and marks on me
sooner or later you'll sweep me behind
your words and promises will then be nowhere to find
the fate of your words then after;
became me instead
soulless like a dead
le wy Feb 2015
I tried to study poems and verses
for several times
I only learned  to create the perfect rhyme
when I'm writing about you and for you
a million times

I tried to weave and fabricate all my feelings in to songs and melodies
for several times
I only got to do it when I'm singing about you and for you
a million times

I tried to live for a living
breathing and exhaling all qualms away
for several times
I only learned to seize it, when I'm living with you and for you
a million times

Perhaps one could say this is a mere exaggeration
a piece of total amplification
darling, no matter what they say;
I'd still be happy to write
and sing
and live
with you and for you
even if I'd do it for a
thousands or for a million times
trying to get 'all out cheesy' this coming Valentines day.
Letter to that somebody who'll  never know: Hey there Mr. When will you ever stop by and listen to what my heart's trying to say? I've been putting you in to words to avoid them from burning me but ugh they are starting to accumulate heat like they're gonna burst soon! wth! Notice me. is that a hard thing to do?
le wy Feb 2015
The sun was up
and so were his expectations
The bus was ready
and so is she
The classes met
and so are they
They started to talk
and both thought: 'everything's gonna be okay'
each day passes by like nothing's wrong
but then the invisibility's starting to get strong
his phone calls are missed
and so are her messages
their late night talks ended up into rages
The flowers rot
and the heart balloons started to inflate
The breeze started to get cold
and the night sky began to unfold
't was a sign that day is fading already
and they both knew--
le wy Feb 2015
Always add acid to the water.
Otherwise the acid can get on your skin and hurt you.
Always add the acid to the water.  
for as you try to dilute it, a lot of heat should be generated and the larger volume of water should be able to absorb that heat.
Always add the acid to the water.
She's  always the water and you're always the acid.
notwithstanding the facts,
She is always trying to pour herself unto you.
Knowing what unwanted reactions it might bring
She still tries to add herself.
Trying to make yourselves match;
always believing you could have the most perfect reactions
All she has was an illusion.
Water in acid should never be done
because Acid in water infrequently goes wrong.
She's terribly hurt.
Can't escape from what the solution brought.

— The End —