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Hannah Nov 2018
You filled my mind with a mild uncertainty
as well as a teaspoon of fascination
It was delightful yet unpleasant
I felt a feeling I had never felt
Because of your book gripping words
It was awakening
Hannah Nov 2018
Seeing you in my dreams
is better than not seeing you at all
Hannah Nov 2018
I feel the atoms in my body shaking
I can feel their vibrations
I am alive
I am here
I am supposed to be in this moment now
No more reality checks
Hannah Nov 2018
Sometimes pain was only darkness
The mad darkness stopped
enough was enough
I felt cosnciousness appear
to come and go
not always visible
but there in spirit
I am thankful for this foggy grayness in my mind
I was in solitude
This evil was far too familiar
Hannah Nov 2018
Immense colors filled the charcoal grey sky
You told me this would occur
I found myself in a strangely deep thought
Will this be it for these two souls
that collided so well
Someone who could make me contemplate
this entire world and mankind
do not go quite yet
I know there is more to our story

— The End —