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Leo H Sep 2013
You always ask me what's wrong
I tell you nothing
But truthfully everything's wrong

It's wrong that you look at him the way you do
It's wrong that you don't love me back.
It's wrong that you don't talk to me anymore

When I ask you the same thing you vent
But if you asked me I can't.
You're all I ever think of
But even when I tell you that
You say we're just friends.

You bring me down.
I miss what we used to be
The way we used to talk
I miss everything about you

You might even be reading this
If you are, ask me what's wrong
And this time I'll tell you the truth.
Leo H Sep 2013
You're my love
Even if you don't love me back.
You're all I think about.
Even if you make stupid decisions

Like the way you act slutty or whorish
I look past that.
You're my love no matter what

I love your smile
I see you truly as a person when no one else does
I love who you were but not the person you're becoming
But it doesn't matter because you'll always be my love.
Leo H Aug 2013
You people keep asking me
"Hey what happened to you guys?"
We always thought that you two would be "the couple"

Everyday I ask myself what happened to us
To be honest I don't even know
One day we talk
The next day we don't
The empty feeling in my heart is too great
I feel as if my head is going to explode
I act insecure like a quote on quote "little *****"

I don't know what to do
I don't know how to move on
I don't want to move on

I just want to know what happened.
Leo H Jul 2013
What used to be us?
What used to be me?
What used to be you?

What we used to be
is so much more different than what we are now
What we used to be
is innocent
What we used to be
is gullible
What we used to be
is loving and open

What we are now
is different.

— The End —