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Lee Rossini Aug 2015
I like sitting with you,
talking on your porch...
being with you
lights a torch.

A torch in my heart
that burns for you...
when we’re together
I never feel blue.

You touch my heart,
you stir my soul...
you give me joy,
you make me whole.
Lee Rossini Apr 2015
When things are right
I feel such might.
But when things are unsure
it is hard to endure.

Such an impact
she has upon me
because her love
reaches transcendancy.
Lee Rossini Mar 2015
We were sitting in the parking lot
of the ice cream shop.

Talking in her car was enchanting,
and then we kissed.

Her lips were cold
from eating the frozen treat.

But they warmed
my heart.
Many of you will remember that some years back Baskin Robbins ice cream shops advertised that they offered 31 flavors.  Their signs had “31 Flavors” beneath the words Baskin Robbins, and people would often say, “Let’s go to 31 Flavors.”  The terms Baskin Robbins and 31 flavors were synonymous.

— The End —