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There is always a way,
always a sight,
always a light.

See it from the distance,
feel it in your heart,
feel it in apart.

Breath it in the silence,
touch it as it goes,
sense it as it is.

There is always a time,
always a rhyme,
always a chime...

Little Wizard of the forest, show me all your heft,
for the time you will arrive, I will be already left.
Lost in thoughts,
looking the stars,
seduced by the Moon,
feeling the wind,
frost spirit, crystal view.

Mirror in the lake,
sway the scene,
drag the dark,
show the screen,
shine a flake.

Just time will pass soon.
Will night just be spark?
The clouds were rain,
the wind blowed its sound,
the river was a flow,
the flowers bloomed the ground.

Colourful morning at the mountain,
shinning stars just disappeared,
vanished Moon above the horizon,
peeking Sun, golden fountain, sinking feared.

Neverending green hills, I walked,
lofty trees, illusion,  impression,
throught the shadows, in the mist,
throught my visions in a tryst.

Alive in the distant,
dead on my lament,
like a moan, left alone,
felt so tragic, not so magic,
said my head, in a moment,
spelled a crying, a tying.
Sleepless night of the green land,
take me with you in your journey.
Present me with a dream,
show me in your hand.

Just don't let me see,
and be aware,
that when the day comes...
You are not there.
Thinking to remember, timing in the Sun.
Empty room, void space.
Shining books, colourfull expell.
No run, no face, no sound, no bell.

Talking to myself, shouting to the Moon.
Miserable darkness, heard in the distance.
Mistaken scenery, sky light, star of my eyes.
Say soon, say glance, say only... It's lies.
From the hightest mountain to the lowest valley,
I pursued my shadows like a narrow alley.

Followed the path, cristal river, into the forrest.
Run around the blue lake, where the flower.
Crossed the desert, through the dune, into the bower.
Found myself at the openned ocean and still no rest.

To finally face, in the darkness of my thought,
only inside, there was nothing but nought.
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