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Lc Jul 2011
Arched pillars covered in wild Ivy
Moonlight seeps in through the night's garden

I stand alone
I'm taking in the fresh air
Enjoying the elegant beauty of the night

I hear your deep voice
It's like silk caressing me
That's when I see you standing there

You smile
Your blue fire eyes start to dance
They're sparkling bright in the moonlight
Your wavy cold black hair shines
The way a raven’s feathers shine in the midst of the sun’s light

Your warm hands gently brush up against my iced skin
You reach for me
Your lips gently press in
I cannot resist
I give in
Then I'm kissed long and deep
My knees go weak
A kiss, like I've never been kissed
A kiss, which I've always missed

The wind's cool on my skin
Yet, you heat me within

Your fingertips begin to slip down my skin
Your lips begin to explore
They creep slowly down the crape of my neck
Then gently down my back

There's air everywhere
I try to take it in
Still, I cannot breath

Stuck in an intoxicating daydream
I let out a gasp
That's when my dress drops beneath me
You start to strum my skin
As though I'm merely your musical instrument

It's just you and me
There's no one near
If there were
We still wouldn't care
Caught up in our own ecstasy
Our dark shadows
Are casted upon the night's wall

This has to be everyone's fantasy
Dancing naked
The feel of real skin
The feel of heat so near
Two become one within
There's no thought of sin
Just when to begin
When to end
When to start all over again

4-29-2011 (Friday 1:17pm)
Lc Jul 2011
Aren’t all women moody
At least we would like for you, men. to think we are, right?

I will be the first to admit it
I belong to that exclusive“Moody Club”

I’ll even elaborate
To help you men

My mood seems to change with the multi stages of the moon

The Full Moon:
I am a little off balance
Yet, I am full of life
During this phase,
I wouldn’t dare me if you are easily embarrassed

The Crescent Moon:
I cannot make up my mind.
I am half myself
I am half someone else, as well
You never know which one of me you are going to get
I may change on any given day
No one can be prepared for this type of stream
Not even me

The New Moon:
All goes dark in my life
I may even want to pick a fight
I might stomp my feet and pout
Yet, this is usually the time
I truly to find my light
And find I truly love myself

Then just like an endless wave
The cycle begins once again

7-23-2011 (Saturday 1:30pm) Lc

— The End —