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school me where oceans riff on currents
                               hum H a l l e l u j a h     over strums of harmonies
bus me[ into the Holy Word
                        the Living Word
beckon me

               I'm lost

guide me

                I'm sick, and tired

call me
                 I'm dead against these storms whiplashing the breath out of me
                 and God
                    I was lost
but now, I'm found
I have a home, a home! A peaceful home that brims over
with celebrations and praises

A loving home that is glorifies the Lord and lacks in hate, in sin

                     my home, our home

emerge, erupt from the inner
furnace--(d) up coils of barrages
stinking of the moor
stocked up with whistles
and pistols
and-- oh my (bad);
what I meant: *spittle
yeah, that ooze spewing out
     w a t e r e d        d o w n
Filth no where as>>retched  
certain PubLIC(K)      streams
of consciousness  
un? - consciously         smothering
wafts of frenzied pain bleeding beneath
yellowed plastic desks
wreTched /wretCHed parents  crumble .
but it's too too late , alas ; for
the misery is prolonged and        
even scars and scares can inflate
from oversaturated loafers power>munching
bank bills they snort OUT of : mail <nra> bxes :
#banksy-wannabe shanks, they are

So, no one's gonna pay bail for lives lost to
weapons of war
instead (for now...) we weep and s[hr]ink
a whole shadow away from
a whole entity away
from Christ and love and respect and human dignity

why are we allowing this? are WE mere bystanders to
domestic acts of terror (or preventable choices)
and other un[war]ranted vile acts
sickening aMErica to its defiled core?

******* our thumbs as children, teens, instructors
end up ETCHed onto endless lists of victims

why so listless, a screaming voice echos from
horizon to horizon,
in the very midst of mass>acre?
until when, until bodies outnumber trees
a cemetery of humanity, and its ignorant arrogance?

desensitiZation corrupted our senses  
          we don
t  bat our eyes from     reports of      senseless
killings n
we trade patches of compassion, all our worn cares,
communal unity, yes and, sell our souls to devils, even!
for patches of cheap dopamine hits and quick bliss

introducing: the Rapture (finally and AMEN, children of God sing)
***:** post - <
Rapture & my musings preRapturing

Father, i wonder
if a ***-headed cynic will cough
<slurp down s lugs of hard wine>
"oh man. oh man!     <hanging his wizened head low>
i need Jesus, man.
we need Him, my |G|od. oh my God, why
tell me why
did i choose gods over you? my pleasures over you?
oh, i shoulda listened to them.
       if i could choose differently

((sighs) searing red boils in the strip of sea boiling torn life forms by his folded knees)

a verse fell to him: "for the wages of sin is death..."

(groans) could it be that i'm too late? why, it seems that way.  

"but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord..."


Lord, can i put my hope in You still? will You accept me, a sinner?
                                                                                            #a false prophet, a secular heretic, an addict chasing lust and satisfying his flesh, a

cheat, a ****-obssessed fool, a subservient profligate-wannabe,

scholar of every answer, religion, science that has Jesus out of the

picture, a slanderous mocker of God abusing his tongue spitting

blameXcomplain(ing) for all the hatred and rot thriving in his

                                    how even,
                                                                                             even now...
if i repent?
  if i believe?"

slowly, his heavy heart beckoned in the knocking figure, and
trumpets bellowed,and that twisted keening ravaging swallowing
his soul brightened -- washed clean! -- into glorious trillings
of forgiveness
born again, he was. only by His blood which set him free from eternal dam=>(satan's)nation
                                     of fellow doomed sinners

it is not too late. believe in Jesus Christ; for He is
the Way
the Truth
the Life! the Light,
                the Love we hunger for in life
Yes, we are undeserving
Yet, we were saved through    Christ's sacrifice on the cross
                                                               unconditional love
Now, we can worship and sing in Heaven forevermore
q: and all God's people say?
a: Amen!

--- advice for seekers : JOHN3:16
here, and dye
all o'er the cities blue
- Past the fading sky hues .
a dark shadow rises from the east,
brews cold smoke into
whispering waters seeping into my sleep

sweet thunder cries
in the sea of a thousand peoples
raging in a strike
,formation unwavering
Marching in sync,
to the pulsing ache inside your head

sweet thunder cries
here, and bye
till not a single drop is left in the dripping sky
inspo: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry book
rivers billow into sheets of glass
clattering among ferns of feral green,
the wind hushes, wispy ribbons of sodden grey and dusty tuff
dusting its upper lip

swirling fogs close off the bitter cave
threatening unjust peril in its tantrums of gloom

Despair marks the dripping icicles adorning the jagged
gasping for clarity in the midst of sticky residue
brittle carcasses and musty debris birthed in multitudes

rivers, don't fall for their plastic traps
bars and traps of fatalism awaits us
I was livid
You were my heaven

A haven of dark boroughs and misty dreams

Should have known
Should have known
Not to trust the
Blood-ranged words of a mortal

Should have known, much
— With time to spare —
my heart froze
Lodged into iron ware
the vine spirals
Bound and wound about the temple’s rod
It’s dribbling a
sickly teal stream
Gurgling with spite and

Cocooned in
Darts of birds fell on

Whispering one name over
And over
solidifying into a chant
Booming to the farthest barn
and swirling around
The closest farm

Children sent reeling, keeling
Onto the ***** dank floor

I can hear it now.

“The Raven King”
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