Lash 1d
who says that storms can’t be beautiful?
  3d Lash
She looks like heaven
And tastes like ****
Lash 4d
opportunity knocked;
it banged.
awaking me from the sweetest dream of all the things that aren’t,
but could have been.
can they still be?
with hardened dribble on my cheek,
i groaned
“who’s there?
come in.”
hovering over me,
possessing feelings of mere affection
he just stood there.
i felt him
but i never looked up.
i figured
if he wanted my company
he would have made it clear to me.
instead he stood embracing me,
steady mocking the mess i had made of myself.
he didn’t even offer to help.
not a small word or
a shy good luck.
not a simple you’re beautiful,
or demand to get up.
he seemed scared.
was i that much of a monster?
a vicious scene to be feared?
Lash 4d
i am deep in relations
with a deeper meaning;
familiar to a larger view
of a picture that most
can only see a spec.
so when i’m distant
don’t you take it
as a form of disrespect,
or neglect.
my space
is required,
my ability to function
is in compliance with
my ability to be silent.
in solitude
i confide and
they say no man is an island,
i am an island,
never to be integrated.
Lash 4d
hidden in plain sight
are the stories of my life
all of the pieces that i write
they speak
so sharply
like a knife.
the ones so close
they lack the trait of understanding.
i’m more oblivious
to all that is surrounding,
i’m always giving
but the favor hasn’t found me.
it goes so deep,
a single broken piece,
Lash 4d
love me loud like lion’s roar
or love me none.
treat me proud,  
like i am but the only one.
make it known that i am yours,
down in a love,
down on all fours.
or down on two,
or bended knee.
a life with me,
you & i
will be,
Lash 4d
i am not the bigger person,
i take things personal.
i trade in my emotions,
vague role reversal.
i cash in my luck,
for a few moments of silence
by the waves.
i’m out of balance,
as the days go by
i waver
skipped rocks across the sea...
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