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lash12 Apr 2020
Wild Strawberries in your hands,
red like your lipstick
We walk in the trail
we walk and we slip
but we always hold hands
I feel you so warm  when i hold you.

A music live with thousand people in it and
only in you i feel the warmness

In the beginning of the song i touch and caress you shyly
in the same time i am looking at you.
In the mid-song you hold my hand and we are dancing .

We laughing and that s how we stay alive.
Red from the laugh like wild strawberries.
lash12 May 2017
They mocked us,
because we were not like them
They told you "Take off the glasses"
and they slapped you,
Because they envied your teenage years
They took our toys
And destroyed them,
Because they were afraid of our dreams
They hated us because we smelled love
We wore the crown finally
The lovers of absolute nothing

They were judged us
because we saw, while they were blind
With a webcam in your house,
Because they envy your loved ones
They showed us their weapons
And they threatened us,
Because our silence terrified them
They crucified us, because we were talking about peace
We wore the crown finally
The lovers of absolute nothing

If I drown in the summer,
Where will I be in the winter?
My dream has frozen,
But my faith still
lash12 Apr 2017
When she's OK
Then I'm alright
When she's awake
I'm up all night
Nothing really matters

I see her face
And in my mind
I seize the day
Whenever she's nearby
It's like nothing really matters
Nothing really matters

She completes me
How she reads me
Right or wrong

It's so clear she's
All that I need
All I need

I know what it feels like
I know what it feels like
Swimming through the stars when I see her
And I don't need air cause I breathe her

I know what it feels like
I breathe her
Every time I see her

— The End —