Lash Oct 9
don’t get so lost in all your struggles that you forget about your dreams;
don’t let what’s temporary phase you, cause life is more than what it seems.
don’t let your happiness be determined by the income you receive,
& know that all good things in life are yours if you can just believe ✨
Lash Sep 13
as i plant my seeds of promise, my journey has just begun.
with blessings over flowing in years and years to come.
though they are only waiting, what’s waiting will be found;
so bask in the glory,
enjoy what’s here and now
motivation ❤️
Lash Sep 10
it’s cold here..
the place where grudges held are like jewels in a crown, we wear them.
loss & lonely visits and never checks out.
anxiety always comes in strong like waves trying to wash away any possibility of new destiny.
when will this fear let go of me?
it is too dangerous to stay here yet i can’t just get up and go..
i know of nowhere else.
i am too familiar to this place of nothingness and sorrow, it has kept me warm and it has kept me sheltered.
maybe, i need someone to hold onto so i can let go?
this place...
it’s dark..
dark like the corners of my heart where love hides, fetal position.
dark like the pupils of the peers, in pairs they appear misguided.
why am i here?
the things you hold onto are the things that hold onto you; your resentment resides & it situates itself in the deepest parts of you.
it takes full control while you watch yourself become homeless in your own home, stranger.
Lash Sep 10
like the scars from the cuts to my wrists with razor blades, the deciders of my fate, these emotions are faint.. but still here.
Lash Sep 9
why do you try so hard to alter what i see?
you tirelessly point out every insecurity.
when i start to feel beautiful you manage to make me see all flaws.
when i start to feel magical, i look in the mirror and i question who you are; & why you are here..
i get faded hoping that you will fade away but you never do, you just get in the way.
'fix this.
- perfect body
that's not the half of my wish-list.
fix that!
"your eyes are too slanted, your nose is too flat."
i spend hours in the mirror, analyzing myself.
wishing i could look like someone else.
Lash Sep 9
your 16 year old pain is temporary.
the things you stress over at 16 are not worth a single tear or cut at the wrist.
  the world as you know it will only reveal itself to be more ghastly than you think, but your world doesn't have to be a reflection of the world you live in.
    some people go through things because they know no better.
just because you witness pain doesn't mean you have to resonate with it.
sympathize with the things you see people go through,
be of help if its something you can do.
    do not destroy yourself trying to be super-woman.
but be a super-woman to your fears.
follow your dreams,
be the best you can be,
& be the change in the world that you want to see.
Lash Sep 9
one glance at what seems to be the truth now i’m done.
though 20 minutes prior, i could’ve sworn you were the one.
one look through the lens of uncertainty,
it’s a blur but i am certain.
see, there’s no second chance though looks can deceive.
& though I speak a thousand words, who do you believe?
maybe i should look again, swipe left or swipe right.
maybe i should clean my lens & try for clear sight.
maybe i should let go of initial fear and worry
because one picture never tells the whole story.
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