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lamont el gran May 2016
You use to want me unconditionally, purple & blue my body is now a temple of doom. Liquids flow through your veins 1,2 I'm a stranger to my own dance moves.
Unflowered you split open at the seem of my devirginized moans.
Your hands feel like soft clouds that soon turn to thunder & lighting, it's extremely frightening. I learned to live in terror everytime you spit in my face and pushed my head into mirrors. Not mad or glad I feel me forever and always kneeling to your every move.
lamont el gran Apr 2016
I'm more than this. I'm worth more than the dogs that lay by your side. I breathe fire of endless desire, I am the girl that once was and will be. I'm more than your hide out, "shut up ***** and give me what I want". "Shut up you always act like a ****". "I love you I'm sorry". I won't be deceived or tricked by a man who wears his collar on his lips. I'm more than this I'm powerful I give thy power. You once thought of me as the  Princess of untouched delicate flowers. But no more I'm not a ******* or your quick texting *****. I'm more than this I'm more than you and I'll find another man that will take the time and walk in my untied shoes.
lamont el gran Dec 2014
***, hips, breast, she grinds an twist she hears the men screaming " I LOVE YOU *****" she knows she property she knows she's grown she pops her back to get and extra 50 she gets slapped to get another 20 she's sad and mad alone no one to call her own she's been like this since 1986 dancing for the devil but as pure as an angle she never asked for this this but she like the fact she not alone.
lamont el gran Nov 2014
No one ever said life was easy.
Nor did anyone say life was hard.

Confused and alone my underlying soft gorans. Of unbearable sadness crawls and creeps up on me like the men who pumped and dumped me in the trash on my uncovered *** so I pop a little and then giggle I survived and strived all this time but not on my own I still live with my soft groans of sadness caused by pure madness.
lamont el gran Aug 2014
You told me mold grows on a soul with no purpose and my souls continues to be engulfed in the evergreen mold I sold my soul along time ago making it apart of natures game my soul had no purpose till I found you in the shadows of darkness you were my friend but our love was a so called "losing game" we found our paradise only to fall apart in the over powering dark of our clouded souls with evergreen mold.
lamont el gran Aug 2014
You're adam and I'm eve I'm a super cool ***** with a urban twist.
I'm the girl who will change life
As we began to know it.
I'm going to own it that apple is mine
"Why am I naked infront of him".
Is this reality as we know it
I wanted to own it now I'm scared
And inside my emotions are bear.
He warned me and I guess I'm not
A cool as ***** with an urban twist.
Just eve I'm mean and cursed everyone
From knowing what paradise is.
lamont el gran Aug 2014
Demented clowns giving us humans a frown.
Loved but hated feared but related to the inner circle of demented clowns with absurd shouts to be let out and wreak havoc upon the angles who play nice with the demon clowns.
Who are down in the dumps with thick needled pumps.
That twist the frowns of clowns upside down.
Dance spin so high I can't feel nor hear a thing.
Besides the slow echoes of make up dripping from one clowns face.
Making it hard to escape that anti superhero cape that you can relate to.
Bad but good sad and mad you play nic nac patty whack to keep your bones in a tight sealed bag.
The clowns ready to get down with the get down moving and shaking on a deep sense of total inhalation.
Dancing with the rhythm of the blues I can't feel any of my own dance moves.
Strings attached to a play Matt give me one good slap to know I'm alive.
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