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Ladislav Josephs Oct 2015
You know inside I cry
Hiding it with a smile
I am man of complicated way
Kind of you don't meet every day
I feeling my feelings more
Reason my heart is sore
Jumping in my chest
Irregular heartbeat? I think not
It tries to get out
With the heart it needs

I miss you so
Ladislav Josephs Oct 2015
It was long engagement
Now you are just a glimpse
I on train passing you by
You on platform waiting
Just waiving hand good bye
Train going forward
Never return to former place
I will never forget
The moment of your graceful face
Ladislav Josephs Aug 2015
It was a magic the night we met
Moment I won't ever forget
I happened in Shanghai town
Turned my world upside down
Beginning of romantic affair
Only lucky dream, or dare
We said good night without kiss
But I've  seen in your smile promise
I am waiting it to be fulfilled
I want to have it without a guilt
I believe in another magic night
We will kiss under moonlight
In meant time I will just dream
Kissing you will be the theme
Ladislav Josephs Jul 2015
Have plenty of wine
But you never drink
Stare at empty glass
The same with apple fruit
You have it but never eat
Have a man won't kiss
You don't like a fun
You better get a gun
Put it to your head
Cause you already dead
Ladislav Josephs Jun 2015
(It doesn't have to be always about love.)

I want you to know that I care
I pass on my way to subway
My travels trough city
I pass beggars without their limb
Blind men playing violin
Old, not able to take care of themselves
I make sure I have some change
Give to those who have no chance
The other day I bought young man
Wearing shabby and ***** clothes
I bought a simple meal
My reward was grateful grim
Not happy, it made me sad
I should have done much more
To make him glad
I know I can't alleviate all the pain I see
You may say what now you are sorry for
Well, because I was selfish
Didn't have the time to cry for them before
Ladislav Josephs Jun 2015
Read this poem only if you are alone.

You wished me nice dreams last night
I could say I have dreamed
About flowers, butterflies
It would be nothing but lies
I was dreaming about
My arms holding your hips
Against mine
Mine lips touching your sweet lips
One hand squeezing your breast tight
Other hand holding your waist
So you won't fight
With a slide touching the magic Place
Leaving quickly without a trace
I want to make it perfectly clear
I will never do it for real
Ladislav Josephs Jun 2015
I found these flowers on sidewalk
Someone have thrown a way
I don't know why and how
Unneeded beauty
Other mans trash is my treasure now
Decorating my table
Until they die
I see beauty in things
That others just pass by
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