Jan 2018 · 173
Laci Jan 2018
Faces of horizons new
World's weight in balance
To love in grains of still
Wildflower song for oceans constant

Cast yesterday to the tides
Watch, my love, for the flicker
But a story to change
A guide for the heart that whispers

Touchable light of melted two
Unveiled woes in shades of yellow
Breath to fuel ignited linger
Beauty without intent

Fallen buds trust in morning
Vibrations soul on petals unique
Careless wind to know direction
Lighted eyes of blue

Be a truth in color
Wayside darkness turn ember
Guided hands of pulse
Unexpected heat desires bloom
Jan 2018 · 223
Laci Jan 2018
The touchable light of a dandelion winter
Traceable woes between two
Whispers in shades of moonlight
But a fall of difference

Wonder burns in the care of silence
Faded faces linger to a melody of heart
A dare of once more
To blur the line that walks unforgiven

Ash fired galaxies ignite for chance
Stone cast destiny but a dream of you
Delicate curvature to be
Scent of shadows follow

To grasp the night of forevermore
Unknown to the eyes of noise
Stillness falls upon the felt
A stars reflection of found
Nov 2017 · 314
Laci Nov 2017
To fall into a lover's grace
Star grazed evergreens
Dusted sky of tomorrow
Grasping truth between the whispers

Treetops of fallen chance
Gentle wind dare blushed cheeks
Moonlit cares gaze upon the seen
A shadows dance with time

Trails of hope lost footsteps
Heartbeat galaxies awake at dawn
Tell me the colors of your sunrise
Brushed with the taste of dreams

Reflections cast in ocean blue
Wings of light shone gravity
Disappear into truths forevermore
Song waves of you
Oct 2017 · 442
Laci Oct 2017
Angel wings of woe
Bejeweled haunted sky
Shades of grey graced lips
Hung between sorrows thrill

Hide your face my love
To fall between the shadows
Secrets lonely chance
Intentions downfall

Swept away blooms of never will
Pictures burnt in dawn's fury
To miss the kiss of sunlight
Galaxies of the tree tops

Heart's hush of colors noise
Worries content with midnight
Daylight dreams fall sleepless
Cautious ground below
Oct 2017 · 214
Laci Oct 2017
Lost in a sea of silence
To broaden love beyond words
A fire from the spark of soul
Fallen curiosity caught between

Budding hope of gathered dew
Scattered blooms desire
Rooted secrets of wind aflame
Moments seen in clustered sun

Tiptoe daisies seek the light
A reminder of a shadows purpose
To speak amongst thunders roar
But a dare of yellow

The best of daylight dreams of stars
Wander thorns from darkness
Petals fall with the dawn
Whispers of pull listen
Sep 2017 · 709
Laci Sep 2017
To stand in the sun alone
Tangled in tracks of vines that connect to dawn
Lonesome whispers seek horizons dream
A hum to dare

Heart beat of stars to paint anew
Trickle of time between the quiet
A pulse to seek amongst the shadows
Light seeps through a memory

Cradled within the breath of heat
To sit upon a petals ridges
Face of warmth beneath familiar palms
A dance to be retraced

Vibrations pull of soul's silence
Falling into the rise of tomorrow
Hold of heart between lovers lips
Paint the sky still, let us linger
Sep 2017 · 177
Laci Sep 2017
Thoughts transcend into a pool of pink stars
Cascading sunlight greets the shadows
Whisked away to a dream of sunflowers
Dance of light tattooed petals

But a memory to taste
Scent of flesh lingers to be had again
Headlight premier of roadside wildflowers
Sync of heart to drown the day

Current shores of salted pearls
Ruby trails to wander
Sun scorched dawn mirage
Air of ease fall swept wind

Dusted gold of magic
To believe in hope to be
Grasp at clouds a love so free
Heart to trust another's hands
Aug 2017 · 243
Laci Aug 2017
Unhinged time teetering on the dawn
Trapping of loves grand memory
Restful heart upon sheets of petals
Tiptoeing across the sun

Breath of blooms chance
To dare to mimic a new days light
A bit of happiness stirred with heat
Seen in shades of dandelion

Wishes lit in shadow
Paralleled balance blindly walking
Carried by a maybe
A rhythm all it's own

The seasons of the heart
Stimulated touch of color
Soulful nourishment in a written word
Between the lines
Aug 2017 · 165
Laci Aug 2017
Yellow lilies plucked like fallen stars
You appeared wrapped in morning glories
Vivid shades of galaxy light painted skin
A walk amongst the heavens

Painted skies for conversation
To mention the rain to daisies
Puddled dew left to linger
A reflection of memories meant for night

In a garden of wild lace
Dusk of flesh to blend across the wind
A scent of ease accompanies dawn
Breath of choices relive

But a dream of bluebells
To chime in the rhythm of heart
Wake the twilight my love
Awaiting the sun
Aug 2017 · 252
Laci Aug 2017
Left to wander this barren ground
A time in which the wildflowers no longer bloom
Bitter hues of forbidden darkness
Of a yesterday remembered

Silent happenings to trap
Choking on a diamond of indigo
Sinkhole of words that matter
To feel forgotten

To miss tomorrow to be today
Deju vu imaginary sun
A dam of bitter salt
Escape a voice

Belong to the shadow
Draft of yellow light
Through the cracks of fault
If you hear me
Aug 2017 · 144
Laci Aug 2017
Like the jewels of Earth, she wore wildflowers
Tones of yellow grace tangled in a mane of twilight
Gentle hum of whispers upon delicate lobes
To see heart in eyes of blue

Coat my soul in perfumes of nectar
Time adorned skin
This taste of bliss teases
Forever a memory of you

Sail through a living sea of gold
White lace of ivory contrast
Your essence fills the air in which I breathe
For it is love that greets the moon

Eyes cast toward the sky
It is not the end but the journey
To be the lens in which you view the world
All the vibrant colors
Jul 2017 · 170
Laci Jul 2017
With these tendrils of dandelion greens to lift my soul
Wipe the tarnish off my skin with petals of sun
Kiss the light as night approaches
Crisp air of playfulness

This dreamy twilight beacons for promise
Branches of whispers released into song
The moon delights in chance
Paint our love in shades of yellow

Penned fantasies upon the roots of wildflowers
A lover's lullaby meant for morning
Taste of thrill upon your lips
Breath of new brushed skin

Spread of ivy adorned bridge
Hints of purple morning glory catch the eye of wonder
To search for rhythm among the fall
Do you see my heart?

Time talks with love at dawn
Gentle hush of silent know
Slip between the cracks of doubt
Dare to feel anew
Jul 2017 · 122
Laci Jul 2017
Would you accompany me?
To trace the veins of yellow light
Falling ever so gracefully in the dew
Through the past let now be born

Intertwined souls molded into a moment
Trickled time escapes us
Swept away by mystic blue fantasies
I long for your breath to tease my skin

Fingertips travel through this curvature of time
Pausing momentarily to retrace
Delicately weaved into a memory
To explore this landscape of raw flesh

In the quiet I hear you breathe
Trembling ecstasy of emotions
White cotton threads of heartbeat reminds
Permanent ornaments in this garden of Eden

Amongst the wildflowers I look for you
For I have tasted the sun beads upon my tongue
Tantalizing imagery of reflection
Eyes wide and receptive
Jun 2017 · 247
Laci Jun 2017
Momentarily gray
Collapse upon the ruby painted sky
Soul steered towards the clouds
Sink nose deep into this paradise

The sun's reflection cast upon eyes of hazel
A time to feel what has been
This choice of chance, may love prevail
Winds of song bird melody

Morning footsteps to the essence of anew
Grasped by the hand of dawn
Harmonious rays ever so slightly caress
This heartbeat carelessly intertwined

With jeweled wings, Geese follow the sun
To seek what warms the soul
Maps upon your hands, fortunate story teller
Rhythmical motion of a heartbeat

Perched upon a high wire
To overlook the path on which you wander
All seeing weathered stone
So blindly connected
Jun 2017 · 303
Laci Jun 2017
The quiet heat of a summer night
June bugs dancing in the twilight
The world still and dreamy
Alone with memories

I'll close my eyes and hear your voice
Pulling at the heart strings of a moment
You radiate all that is right
To be the name you whisper in the dark

Breathe like Honeysuckle on a back road
Toes in the fresh mud and eyes towards the sky
In the middle of where we should be
I'll fall into the pieces of you

Just as the morning promises the sun
This hello is where we linger
Adrift amongst clouds
Will you look for me in the horizon?

Tonight the still will keep me warm
Details and denial of what could be
There are no stars, my love
Sweetest dreams
Jun 2017 · 400
Laci Jun 2017
Would my rhythm to the stars awake the galaxy?
Nestled so sweetly in the craters of the moon
Watching time bend to see the connected
Such a crooked little maybe

Whispers far too quiet for the storm
Soft beats drown in the thunder of day to day
What if you were to listen?
The light is there to guide you home

Fire that burns throughout the night
Love's never-ending promise of next time
Would the truth burn upon your lips?
You are a wildflower

Brilliant light behind your eyes
The fall into a moment
To allow another soul to say hello
Forever searching to be seen

Quiet confessionals for the sake of lovers  
Hidden behind rose colored glasses
The path seems long to the lone traveller
Petals find a way to kiss the sun
Jun 2017 · 173
Laci Jun 2017
Destiny is but a hue of gray
Walking within our shadows
Delicate things we are
Searching for the light

Invitation to a bonfire twilight
Drunken man on the moon, spreading gossip amongst the stars
Play things to the darkness
Choking on swallowed secrets

Unsure of where to stand
This dance upon a clock hand
Between the moments where time is still
An intimate fire for butterflies

Flexible is the soul that is
Skipping rocks on a reflection
Waist deep in murky water
A soul extended

Let's disappear into the heat
All consuming energy
Once the tongue has tasted fire
Open is the heart of could be
Jun 2017 · 209
Laci Jun 2017
******* words are where you leave me
Pieced together chaos
A bit of soul still lingers
Trapped between the unspoken

I saw angels dance upon a velvet skyline
A song of all that used to be
Bass whispers in a soprano dawn
A walk at midnight

Branches that long to touch the clouds
Rain drips from the tips of split locks
A longing to be absorbed
Moonlit cheekbones graced with sorrow

The thunder knows your desires
Plucked like falling stars
Cloak yourself in rich hues of black
A bit of gold on a roses thorn

Lost is but the journey
Hang your heart amongst the weary
Won't you stay a while?
Forever wandering
Jun 2017 · 196
Laci Jun 2017
Cold palm against warm thighs
A shiver of a daydream
Fantasies attraction to the dark
To embrace a shadow

Secrets in a hush
Floral and musk painted air
Breathe in the darkness
Exhale ecstasy

Raven black clouds
A nightmare of falling
To be your quiet in a world of hurry
Where the sun and moon collide

No promise of a memory
The world lingers upon your lips
Depicted fiction of lovers lost
A tale for the ages

Worry woven linen
Heat on a cool summers night
Cracked door to the promise land
To exist in twilight
Jun 2017 · 328
Laci Jun 2017
Scent of summer on your skin
You taste like a memory
Eyes as bright as sunflowers
Take note of the season

Dawn's dance upon the dew
Cool creek water beaded toes
Meet me there my love
In the shadows of maybe

Soft bluegrass giggle
Today looks good on you
Sun kissed freckled cheeks
Caught in our connection

Let next time be our melody
My dandelion diamond
In this season of  stars
You are the moon
May 2017 · 735
Laci May 2017
Close your eyes, sweet girl
Whisper to me silence
Tangled questions
Beautifully forgotten

To be a thought
Shadows of the sun
Eternities forbidden
A ***** to the night

Eyes of wonder
Shames reflection
Lost in your gaze of sorrow
Dark side of the sky

You are seen
Translations of dawn
Buried in your silence
Turn your stare towards the moon

Clouds upon your lashes
A journey lost
Provoked voices
To calm a quiver
May 2017 · 802
Laci May 2017
Loves demise upon your lips
Gentle rise and fall
Bury me in the melody of your hum
To belong within a moment

Traced in light
Lonesome linger
The forest of our tomorrow
Where the lightening bugs kiss the stars

Felt hello
Pieces of the now
Melted souls
Allow the fall, weary heart

To be a reflection
Dance with me in emerald green
Blend of sorrows
Until then
May 2017 · 375
Laci May 2017
Steam pavement
Lightening sunset
Daisy roadside
Headlight wanderer

Back road choices
Static state
Ultimate discovery
A whispers chance

Tormented tiptoe
Mirror discussion
The moon's promises
Tarnished sunrise

Ropes of ivy
Twilight cheekbones
Iris lips
Conversational soul
May 2017 · 857
Laci May 2017
Forbidden fruit
Ripened by the sun
Handpicked imperfections
Never to be tasted
Hungry for the wind

Sweet honey painted lips
Decadent play thing
Lover of the lost
Beautiful  chaos

Rabbit hole choices
Peephole neverland
Necessary whimsical
Carry me away honeysuckle

Watercolor visions
Wildflower dreams
Just is, just because
Cross the line
May 2017 · 1.1k
Laci May 2017
His bitterness fed the storm
Unsure and forgotten
She sought shelter amongst the clouds
Trapped in his image

Picturesque essence of used to be
Lost gypsy girl
Flowers blossom upon your lips
Listen to the whispers

Painted toes
Foot prints upon the sun
Leave your lipmark for tomorrow
Where the dew lingers

Crash upon an emerald sea
Summer sweet down pour
Cloud wanderer
The wind remembers

Briary trap of content
Wildfire soul
To find direction
Apr 2017 · 1.8k
Laci Apr 2017
Crown of dandelions
Against her hair, they shine like the stars
Goddess of the night
Journey into a twilight neverland
Drunk on midnight

Tell me a secret
Invisibilites shadow
Inconstant time
Cloak of darkness

Forget forevermore
Ashes of dawn
Statue of dusk
Weary wanderer of once was

Touch me
Body like a skyline
Dreaming from a mountain top
Electric charge ecstasy
Melted freedom

Wrap me in your words
Glacial disposition
Stains of demons
Angels embrace
Apr 2017 · 583
Laci Apr 2017
Black foot ******* a bar stool
Peacock lashes
Midnight muse hair
Secrets trickle off your lips
Perfect matte finish

Fragrance of the stars
Body of shadows
Crescent curvature
North star hope
Constellation connection
Dreary dream

Lady of the night
2 a.m. want you
Back alley footsteps
Lost in the crowd found
Rave whispers
Twilight tall tales
Cosmopolitian kisses
Tequila touch

Phantom fantasies
***** footprints
Apr 2017 · 541
All in All
Laci Apr 2017
Laying in a field of yellow
I saw you kiss the sun
When you thought I wasn't looking, butterflies of dare descended from your lips
Falling into your light, we danced in chance
Nor did we stop or think or care as all and all fully flowed
No time no space but music that our dance created
It had no sound but we felt its every joy
The moon the sun Jimi’s sky
The song was all and all was song
It was all too much but not enough but this, just the first movement.
Awake in the crescent of our intertwined flesh
Daisies caught between your toes
My soul craving what could be
The moment beckons for another spin around the shadows
Hope for ever new never ending tomorrows
All the while,
Big orange sun
Overpowering the dim ‘scape
while the waning lacey moon
               the other side of the sky
A collaboration with Jim Musics
Thank you, Jim!
Apr 2017 · 750
Laci Apr 2017
Fishbowl paradise
Ferris wheel routine
Plunging serendipity
Spirial anxiety
Suppressed screams

Mousetrap tongue
Sediment will
Onerous today
Dormant daydream

Intended aspirations
Disdain's reflection
Deliberation's causality
Capsized direction

Prevailing interpretation
Unyielding hope
Lost in translation melody
Vanquished negativity

Corralled worth
Starry eye glare
Deja vu reality
Steady stream pace
Apr 2017 · 652
Laci Apr 2017
Pink toe peek-a-boo
Double dare delight
Peeping moon
Cricket gossip

Rouge secrets
T-shirt carpet
Clockhand silence
Tender teardown

Tattooed thoughts
Just be whispers
Gravitional connection
Equator heat

Midnight goosebumps
Breeze breath
Twisted up dawn
Cotton mouth hum  
Apr 2017 · 339
Laci Apr 2017
Barefoot dreaming
Dandelion graveyard
Wrapped in yesterday's wishes
Drowning in a Bluegrass sea

Raven black shadows
Sweet tea lips
Cast upon a field of has been
Porch of hiatus

Rooted rocking chair
Song of tomorrow
A promise that cannot be kept
Tune of a heritage soul

Black eyed susan cries
Aerial view from a robin's eye
Golden rod sunrise
Bourbon moon

Deep fried soul
Bonfire lullaby
Love song melody
Deeply rooted
Apr 2017 · 532
Laci Apr 2017
Blue jean pajamas
Dreams of the moon
Bare skin morning
Awake before the sunrise

I've developed a taste for dawn
A craving for silence
Time before time begins
A conversation with my soul
Love begins here

Senses pour in the alone
Alone is where I find myself
Rain of thoughts more powerful than the heard
Questions of the forgotten
I am forgotten

Sun fills in the cracks of yesterday
Illuminating chance
Whispers upon the wings of robins
The search continues
Apr 2017 · 828
Laci Apr 2017
Steam rolled down the hall
Invitation of an open door
Your sigh of incitement whispered
Kisses burnt between lovers
Hot water cascades down your back
Beads of desire
Washing off my fingerprints from the night before

Your aroma danced in the dust of a new day
Hot coffee caressed your lips
Detached from the now
Sunlight glistened in your eyes
That spark of moonlight lingered
The silence of dawn filled the air

The evolution of an afterthought
Cautiously optimistic
I wrapped myself in the flames of never
Divulging in a feeling
You left scars on my thighs
I enjoy the burn

Secrets stream from the walls
Like decades of nicotine
The stains remain upon my soul
A meant to be lover
I keep a lighter in the drawer
A night like this
Apr 2017 · 287
Laci Apr 2017
A diamond in my throat
Choking on the beauty I'll never be
A tingle in my toes
The song I'll never dance to

Sweet lullaby on my lips
Fading into a slumber of maybe
Sweat beads on my skin
A dream of falling

Landing in tomorrow
Awake in a nightmare
Flowers in my hair
The thorn in my side

Rarely there imaginary
Heart strings pull the moon
Whispered wishes of light
Kisses in the sky

Sunbeams through dusty blinds
Disheveled and unruly
Worries locked in pillow cases
Don't forget me
Apr 2017 · 248
Laci Apr 2017
Today I will wrap in warmth
As the sunlight kisses my skin
My heart desires a taste
A taste of today

Today I will drink in chance
Embracing new
Taking a leap of faith
Could be will be

Today I will walk with grace
Stepping boldly
Eyes wide open
Unknown is a destination

Today I will smile truth
Radiating love to those who stare
A piece of a shared moment

Today I will love with hope
Loves fire smothers under the weight of future
Flames need fanned

Just be
Apr 2017 · 596
Laci Apr 2017
The chance you never gave me
The words I never got to say
You shut me up with conclusions
You blocked me out with ignorance
Never truly acknowledging my existence

Wasted smiles on a fool
Too much ignorance put into a name
Sick of saying sorry
You're the one to blame
The static in my voice
Shame falls down like rain
A **** monsoon

Dictations of worth
Dismissed time
Focusing on difference
Wandering souls on a path with no direction
Left out in the frost
Missing the sun

A language of change
Shedding burdens
Trust falls with no safety net
Catch me
Mar 2017 · 990
Laci Mar 2017
Your breath stained my skin
Your fingertips became a continuation of my spine
Your eyes told a story that your mouth denied
A bittersweet love song
I melted in the lyrics

I looked for your horizon today
In the shower I washed in your energy
In my coffee I craved your taste
Wrapping myself in your melody
Hovering in a state of denial

I saw your smile in a field of purple henbit
I heard your whispers in the air
On the wind I floated
My hair tangled
Searching for you in the shades of cascading sun

The hum of your heart beat echoes
Like the tread of my tires pounding on the pavement
You carry me to freedom
Like the image in my rearview and the miles ahead
An adventure that needs no map
I'd follow you anywhere

Tonight I'll wrap myself in a memory
Goosebumps linger on my skin
A craving that will have to wait
Until then
Mar 2017 · 377
Laci Mar 2017
Lightening illuminates the southern sky
Tears fall down like rain
Your musk fills the air
Thunder rumbles in my heart

My soul mourns for the past
For the memories that have fallen
For the loss of gravitational pull between us
The sun hides behind painted on clouds
The storm rages

Your rain is bitter cold
Not like the showers we once danced in
Not like the damp between our lips
Our rhythm is out of sync

Breaking open the sky
New developments in the weather
Clouds ***** apart
As heart strings pull together

Rain drops on a metal roof
A melody of what was
A song for the stars
A lullaby to end the rage
I'll kiss the sun tomorrow
Mar 2017 · 598
Laci Mar 2017
Your stare, your burning glare
Never looking at me
Examining my soul
Your stare leaves me feeling ***** and exposed
Your eyes like a mirror
Mesmerizing, haunting
In your eyes I cannot hide
A reflection of what I have buried

Skeletons in my closet
Flame flickering in my soul
Thick mud, bare feet
Moving through life without living
Your light shining at the end of the tunnel

Twisted branches of my mind
Whirlwind of spirit
Captivated by a feeling
Captured in a moment
Drowning in a dream

In the fogginess of dawn
In the haze of today
In the hope of tomorrow
Your eyes dance upon the horizon
Glimmering in faith
Forthcoming truth
Questioning all
My reflection
Mar 2017 · 304
Laci Mar 2017
Thighs like lava, cake that is
Stomach a serene pool, of jello
Breast subtle,  like ice cream
Two buns, of honey

Read me the definition
Tell me what you're thinking
Why am I not the idea of beauty in your mind?
More than a curve
Curved with grace and strength
Hate weighs more than faith

Have you danced with my soul?  
Cracked open my mind?
Seen the love behind my hazel eyes?  
Take a chance
Take the leap
Take the time to unravel the fabric of exposure
Taste the sweetness of my lips
Take your finger tips, trace my skin
Allow my light to seep within

More then an image
More then a place
More then your heart can embrace
Falling in love with curvature
Walking in a shade of grey
Your negativity will only break you
For I am beauty,  in every way
Mar 2017 · 325
Laci Mar 2017
The hands on the clock stopped
Stomach sank, jaw dropped
Impossible expections
Invincible adventures
Washed away like hair dye down the drain
A stain of a memory
You disappeared like the sun fading into my rearview

If I told you I missed you, would you return?
Your beauty like a thousand sun's
I'm far to weak
Within our memories, I burn

Spread out across the floor on the pieces of us
Wrapped up in you
Losing my mind
The last thing to go

You stole my breath on every kiss
You danced with my soul on the thought of tomorrow
You ran with my hope
You shattered my heart
My dignity followed you out the door
Shame won't come around anymore

If I cross your mind
If you ever think of who we used to be
Today I started mending what you broke
Today I took a chance on me
Mar 2017 · 254
Laci Mar 2017
I'm a hiccup in this world
A lack of oxygen, no destined date
Born again in silent cries
Hazel eyes lit up with fire
Throats burning, screaming pleas
A locked away masterpiece
Locked away, trapped in my mind
Never showcasing my true desires
You'll find me curled up in the darkest depths of my mind
Scenes skipping  on the screen
Caught up in the broken pieces of me
Drops of freedom upon my tounge
Pleading with my feet to run

Travelling across the stars
Mind and body, bruised and scarred
Locked doors, do not disturb
A hero I do not deserve
A saving grace on the bright side of the sky
Are you the one to pull me from the flames?
Your voice as peaceful as the rain
For you are my calm, I am the storm

A taste of all that I'll never be
A whisper on the blank page of destiny
A memory I'll keep locked away
A truth in a world of lies
A glimmer of hope in your smile
Take away my urge to flee
Mend together the pieces of me
Show me what I'll never see
Draw me out of me

Give me a hint, pass me a clue
Tattoo your light upon my skin
Teach me how to love again
Bridges burnt, truths exposed
Like a game of hide and seek
When I'm alone, I am weak
Wrap me in your soul, thaw my heart of bitter cold
Sail across the stars with me
Save me, hear my pleas
Mar 2017 · 273
Laci Mar 2017
I see your eyes in the constellations
I hear your whispers in the rustling of leaves
I smell your scent in every flower
I seek you in the shadows of the moon
I taste you in my breath

I do not wish upon the stars
I prefer the silence
I do not stop to smell the roses
My shadows are what haunt me
I am struggling to breathe

You're the reflection in my mirror
You're the hunger in my soul
You're the calm before the storm
You're the warmth in the bitter cold

I fight to love myself
I starve out my desires
I sleep through the thunder
My heart has been shattered

We dance in the twilight
We tattoo our love upon the moon
We speak in silence
We wrap our souls in cocoons
Mar 2017 · 277
Laci Mar 2017
She was a mountain, a fortress
Saying it all with her eyes
Within her mind she continues to hide
No one listens, no damns given
Heart shattered, pieces strung across the floor
There are no spares, her heart was a *****
Giving, giving,  where is the love?  
She never demanded more
Her heart was a *****
As early as the sun sets,  her mind never truly rest
Her tounge can taste the words
Longing for what needs to be said
Her soul needs fed
Tounge twisted, wasted wishes
She misses the could have been
The should have been
She never demanded more
Her heart was a *****
She sees the confusion behind your eyes
Seek and you shall be denied
A child of soul,  a child of grace
Has this truly become her date?

Her jaw quiver
She struggles to breathe
She pushed out the words
Now she's demanding her voice to be heard
She no longer seeks, her strength she pulls
Her heart is no longer the fool
Her tounge is no longer ashamed
Her love can no longer be blamed
For she is worthy of all that she gives
Across her lips flows the most beautiful sound
Her heart is not a *****
She now demands more
Mar 2017 · 256
Laci Mar 2017
Hearts pounding like a drum
That undesirable need to run
Feet burning, wanting to flee
Eyes locking across the room
A strangers soul is watching you
Minds racing, breathing hard
Approaching is the hardest part
Taking the leap, choosing to jump
Excuse me while I swallow the lump
Souls join with unspoken words
Flames ignite, let's watch it burn
Show me your mind
Take me there

Light me up, allow me to become
Drag me down through the mud
Hold my hand and watch me rise up
Together, what a place to be
Unfortunately the imagination plays tricks on me

So there you stand across the room
For it was I watching you

— The End —