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kyss Feb 2022
I never knew a breakup
could make me feel so free

like a weight was lifted
no more pressure to be perfect

but now I'm back to missing them

the same person I can never escape my feelings for

why is it always you?
kyss Dec 2021
the hardest thing
is being in a loving relationship,
while knowing
they're not the one
kyss Dec 2020
I still remember the first poem you wrote for me.
I remember every single one.
When I'm feeling lost, they bring me back.

Every word you wrote for me, has changed me.
Your poetry reminds me what love is.
I love you
kyss Dec 2020
I said I would wait,
and I'll wait forever,
so darling, please,
say yes
kyss Oct 2020
cryptic poems
shared playlists
when will this end?
kyss Oct 2020
I stare into a camera, the only eyes I ever see
laid bare before it, it sees everything
even through layers of clothing
it exposes the deepest parts of me
things I would never let anyone see

I am so open, yet completely reserved
I share everything so I don’t think about the hurt
everyone knows who I am, what I’m like
but nobody knows how I’m feeling inside

the trauma I have
and the pain that I feel
the struggles of suffering
and learning to heal
I’m still moving forward,
hoping it’s true
that time really does,
heal all wounds....
kyss Oct 2020
you’ve written for me
I’ve written for you
you’ve written for many
I’ve written for few
but from the moment I met you I knew
it would only ever be You
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