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Kyle Mustain Apr 2015
He's ashamed of me
forever alone
he's my dad you see
and he wants me gone

for I was bad
and flunked six classes
tears flow from my eyes
in really big masses

Does he love me
of this I am sure
does he want to see me
I think not any more
Kyle Mustain Jan 2015
Why do they keep me away
I just want to see her
and now, every day
my fuse gets shorter

Sure she may not love me
may not care
may not want me
it isn't fair

She left when i was small
still in grade school
I havent seen her since
it just isn't cool

You may not care to see me
may not love me
may not care to know my age
you may not even remember me

This is for you
to send a message
to get this through
just read my next passage

They may keep me away
say that their done
but I want to let you know
I still miss you mom
Kyle Mustain Jan 2015
Why is it
that when life is good
something ruins it
and you're back to square one
when something happens
that you have no control over
all you want to do
is hide under the covers
why does life have to be cruel
why does it have to be hard
why can't it just be cool
why can't it just be.......
#life #*****
Kyle Mustain Jan 2015
Why do people think they can tell me what to do
it's not their life
no one can bully me into anything
at least not without a fight
I can write my own destiny
not follow someone else's wishes
I can make my own path
down the road with wealth and riches
so let me tell you this
i'm done with everyone
I control my life
i'm not someone's pawn
they can live their life the way they want to
whether it be for good or ill
I just want to let you know
I'll never bend to your will
Kyle Mustain Jan 2015
Today i had a visit
from a man in red
in his hand he had a basket
in it were the souls of the dead

The man was beaming
because the ****** were screaming
praying for mercy
from the abyss of hell

I knew i was done
this man was the devil
I prayed to God
to help me out of trouble

He leaned in close
said "hope you have a casket"
and that is the day
I went to hell in a basket
Kyle Mustain Jan 2015
I used to be happy
never angry
never mad
never sad
until today
I used to run and play
now all the fun and games
have turned to pain and shame
now my life is paused
because the pain I caused
it drove you away
now i'm alone today
I miss her :(

— The End —