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Normally it'd be a promise that I cannot keep or let myself hold to,
but everything I swear just seems to bring me away from you.
How awkward too, getting close then coming unglued.
I feel like I'm running and you're untying my shoe.
I feel like I'm getting so tired I can hardly move.

So I'll wait here for you.

I've spent so many nights locked out of you,
I'd rather live with my lights knocked out by you.
Might as well, rolling my eyes to the back of my head
just looking for the words that I have not yet thought or said.
Oddly, you're not even my type, being the kind made to be chased,
But typical isn't what I want to find, and clearly I don't set the rules in this race.
What a day to forever remember and a night to never forget, but I'm just trying my best.

With untied shoes, fast-paced, reckless.
But I'll wait here for you.
She mostly just hurts when she smiles.

I've only ever seen her laugh... while she is hurting.

She shows no concern for the way things work,

she'd much rather just know that... things are working.

And she hopes and prays for so called better days.

And I think I may have found them if she ever stays.

She mostly just sighs when she cries.

I've only just noticed this and... she might be used to it.

I know it seems like I want everything,

but if you just get close to me,

let me kiss your rosy cheek.

That's all I need.

She never really heard about self worth,

and in the mirror she never knew why she was staring.

She never much said her favorite word,

And her worst fear was nothing, the silence was blaring.

Now she couldn't love a thing again.

Scared to death of dying without him.

She mostly just hurts when she smiles.

I've only ever seen her laugh... while she is hurting.

She shows no concern for the way things work,

she'd always much rather just... know that things are working.

I know it seems like I want everything,

but if you just get close to me,

let me kiss your rosy cheek.

That's all I need.
Nothing ever happens how you wish it would.
You were such a talker, swore I could listen good.
You'd correct me, say "it's actually well."
I replied that's one thing I hoped you could tell.
You understood the double meanings
and right there was where you stood.
You're swaying and you're leaning,
you've had too much on the neighborhood.

I wish I could impress you now,
but I've run out of luck somehow.
I think that's what I'm mostly missing,
all that and the kissing, but not the only thing.
Like times you would just fall down on me,
can't even come up with a similar analogy.
Thinking like I must be somewhere close to Heaven,
sometimes even when you must feel you got to yell.
I can't believe the things that I still miss from then,
especially now it all just fell straight into Hell.

How are you now asking why you should ever have taken the time to care
when you were right about to cry when you last ran hands through my hair?
i wished upon a star that fell at night we would eventually be together once and forever,
never fail, like a man, never fall, like a star that might burn out in one barren desert.

the rock drops, breaks the glass house and, if looking closely at what reflects,
something so obvious as this was something that we could never expect.
i knew i'd be bruised and some parts would be missing,
my heart still pumping, but something cold and empty.
my blood in the soil, watering the seeds of regret,
my pockets are empty, my life must be a lost bet,
or a ball of lint...

i have no excuse for what empty pictures i hold of myself up here, but
what can i expect when you are gone and i look at myself in the mirror?
i've already said empty three times...

i spend time on me, wondering why hyenas laugh, and if that's what makes them such terrible things and beasts.
if a rabbit is jumping because he's always running away, or if he has some places he urgently needs to be.

and i wonder if a deadbeat like me could ever make something that works, or write some words to encourage, to laugh like the beast,
but i know that he really ends up on the side of the road, that's where some things arrive and eventually will perish, much like a rabbit.
i know that she is saving me from my roadkill mentality,
but what would i have if i lose her? i lose her balance and stability.

if i'd lose her, i know i would always look for myself in a tall glass window,
seeing through but not in, she weakens me to a little bit of hope.
maybe we're really not all that far apart and lonely, a desperate feel of lonely.
maybe skylights in havana touch the stars the angels are holding... the beautiful angels are holding.

some place lovely like that with god's concern.
maybe i should watch for my wishful meteor,
in hope that when it finally does fall to earth
it lights my way back and lands right next to her.
a girl could one day make a woman, she can,
and if she does not forget me, we will have true romance.

i ask for things, in my dreams.
but it's always been that they don't come true,
and if i never find you, i can know at least that i have slept.

i hope i can measure myself by how much you've asked for,
how much i hope a vision of me, a thing you have dreamt.
don't ask for me, i'm not really anything that much,
and what you ask for may be a love that never lets up.
please, try not to dream of me,
i'll try to not dream of you, baby.
but i don't want to forget,
and in a dream i could live...

i dream i am a man who never failed, i dream what i am of anything, a lifetime stuck in the desert.
a girl is in my dream, my fantasy. and i hope it paid, i hope i hadn't spent all of my money on the parking meter,

so i could get us out of there. make it back from our dreams alive.
i'm the meteor and i can't get out of here,
i want to find her and i want to love her.
i want to look again in the mirror and see her in me.
don't leave me.
i've never wanted attachment worse,
it's just crazy tonight.
i want to hold your hands,
face to face when worlds collide.

what is it?
instant reaction?
sudden troubled reflection?
i don't understand it and i don't want that.

understand, standing underwater when the planet's over,
going under, everything's alright.
the last mirage in the back of our minds
will be the loss of anything worth time.

what's worse?
worst doesn't come first.
and don't be sad, it's good.
it's news after the matter is done and over.

i look you in the eye, loving you more than life's worth,
and for an eternity i'll do this.
writing you to see how you feel, writing with letters and words,
with carefully placed commas.

i want connection to every star you've ever heard about.
kissing for the comets, stopping to let our hearts out.

a connection like the one between souls that comes before life and lasts after.
that's love, made for each other, that's us, and it keeps us together.

i'm convinced again and again.
we'll share everything, you and i.

everything i've said, ever since we met,
a small cost for the rest of our lives.
I hope one day you get ****** around so bad
we can relate about it together, so sad.
I hope one day you can be sober
so we can talk about this,
so we can think it over.

And maybe then I could look you in the eyes
and not see a filmstrip rolling of your lies.
Just thumbnails to leave out the details
so we can talk about this,
so we can think it over.

I hope one day you live alone in silence
and we can never meet again
so this **** doesn't happen
all over just like this,
and it's over.
Maybe one day we can make some sense of all of this,
until then, it's back to tending for my other addictions.

I'm ******, but I can't even say some ****.
It's ******, but it's none of my business.

You aren't mine, you're busy trying to be his.

I'm thinking your heart may have been asking for this.
But for dear life, hold on, or let me have one last kiss.

'Cause it'd take more than just a box of tissue
to try to explain how much I miss you.
Lost, not even words will do because it's true,
I can't say the way I feel when I'm with you.
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