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kat lykke Sep 2014
we speak with blue tongues
when we hide ourselves in secret songs
only written to remind you that my soul aches for a place
that i have only visited in your dreams
i exist in smokey thoughts and
swim in the space between your teeth
like unknown love notes
on the last page of chemistry books
a stranger's devoted words
etched in your skin and
you covered it up with white inked lips
without showing anyone in daytime
but even i can see that you got her hands
all tatted up on your heart
with closed eyes

kat lykke Aug 2014
my father told me that i looked like a mental institution
with sleep and sea-salt in my hair
sipping strawberry lemonade in the backyard
high on insulin
your tongue is wry like chalk
when you swallow sad boy symphonies
stumbling in your own vision of paradise
cooking up a dream with your head inside your heart
they heard what you said, once the herd was gone
i'm the only one who reminds you of lost days
you said that this was what you liked about me most
lost cause-poetry
don't blow up my garden
you can't even make it snow in july

kat lykke Aug 2014
you call me by the name of your finest art piece
when they turn off the light from tour d'eiffel
but i am your mother's dead begonias
we stray in gloomy hours
looking for a hand to hold
when we only want each other's
yesterday's sheets are soaked in despair
dripping from your ear
the one without the earring
your golden locks keep it a secret
time doesn't exist anymore
you painted my organs yellow with your lullaby of lies
at least you don't know my name
when i'm not with you

kat lykke Aug 2014
he surrounded himself
with sky-high towers of books
and grey matter
in order to distract himself
from the bruises on his soul

hidden by porcelain masks
he dazzled everyone
with his way of speaking
in their hurry
they overlooked the tiny cracks

his sorrowful eyes divulged
what he could never tell
and his screams drowned in silent smiles
»i wish that i was him«, they said
unaware of him wishing not to be

23th of september, 2013
kat lykke Aug 2014
feels like liquid velvet, doesn't it?
when you let the waves kiss your neck
and embrace your body
with fingernails sharp as crystal flakes
dragging you in
they smoothly caress your skin
like invisible needles in your stomach
make you want to stop breathing
just so you can make sure that this moment won't have an end
surrounded by blue
you ravage your lungs
to maintain coloured by the ocean
loosen your grip
but don't lose your mind
you won't find answers at the bottom of a bottle

bottle love II
kat lykke Aug 2014
what i like most about people
is their ability to express
without separating their lips
how they can speak their minds
without actually doing it
and how they
try to build up unbreakable walls
just to let the world out
when they need to let the world in
how their eyes are betraying
revealing the secrets of their hearts
and how you
can catch a glimpse of their soul
when they whisper your name
in the dead-cold october sun

kat lykke Jul 2014
sorrow is born of burning desire
when you sew lonely nights on your fingertips or unzip dresses that he used to unzip for you
my aunt told me years ago that loving someone without loving one's surroundings will make christmas taste like grandpa's death
you cannot leave without leaving marks, she said, you cannot stop breathing in crystal air in the winter-time, she said, you cannot love yourself if you keep pouring all your love into hollow bodies who cannot be saved
pills can make them high for a while but blue and orange and white cannot free their minds
be their rush but be a decent one
let them get high on you instead but if hating your freckles seem to be the price for attention, then they are not worth your time
you are the most important piece of joy walking on this earth
the second you forget about it, you waste your soul and become as empty as the soda-can you filled with out-burned cigarettes and corrosive tears, she said
perhaps it is better than being alone, i answered her back
at least i am something to someone

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