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Love is a story that begins
And I'm afraid it'll end
Still the memories I'll keep
And the lies that you'll send
Kumar Abhishek Jul 2018
Here I am,

And there you are,

We see each other,

Only to be apart.
Kumar Abhishek Aug 2017
Someday you will find me,
Cluttered in the shadows,
See me through your eyes,
Where I ain't so hollow,
Put together the broken pieces,
And make me whole again,
Will you be patient,
Or ruthless and indifferent??
Kumar Abhishek Aug 2017
The meadows that we meandered through,
Are now barren lands,
And the footprints of me and you,
Have faded away with time,

We end up wondering,
What was right or what went wrong,
All we can conjure up,
Are the ones we knew all along,

The fickle of a life,
And remnants of it,
A beautiful dream,
And harsh reality to meet,

We are a long way down,
With much more to traverse,  
We evolved and  grew,
Drifted along and flew,

Like a time-piece,
Encapsulating that flowing sand,
I'll embrace the memories,
That whisper in every beat.
Kumar Abhishek May 2017
Let this moment take its own course,
And permit the emotions to unwind.
For tonight is a beautiful night,
And its beauty is yet to be defined.
Kumar Abhishek Aug 2016
Letters and words,
So near yet so far,
Whispering to the bleeding heart,
Indifferent as you are,
Swaying past your smile,
I understood what it was ,
Days are different,
And we have drifted apart.
Kumar Abhishek May 2016
See the madness of nature,
Soaked in the heart of dusk,
Birch twigs of oak trees,
And a ray of hope through its tusk.
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