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k Jun 2017
I have always wished for someone to treat me delicately / and it has taken me far too long to come to realize that maybe the best place to start would be with myself.
k May 2017
I have come to realize that there is not a single place on earth that I feel I belong. / I wander from person, to place, to thing, without ever feeling connected. / feeling homeless. / perpetually wandering / it is as if I'm always trying to get back to this familiar safe place I believe I "should" have / but every time I go to ask for directions, I can't get the words out and I realize I've lost my voice.
k May 2017
I walk around feeling like a bullet wound. / like I am shot full of holes and always bleeding out. This is the type of pain that you can never find reprieve from. / I put my love and trust in a number of emotional assasins. / Well disguised as friends and lovers. / Then, in one fell swoop a wrecking ball was taken to the entirety of my life. / I quietly collected the salvagible pieces and receeded off into the shadows. / I have been clutching the shattered fragments close to my chest ever since. / sometimes it draws blood. / sometimes it makes it hard to breathe.
An excerpt from a book I will probably never write
k Apr 2017
I don't think I have a broken heart / I think I am a broken heart
k Apr 2017
the people that seem the most impossible to love are ironically, those most desperately in need of it / in its most unconditional of forms.
k Jan 2017
I sometimes feel like there are anchors tied to my ankles,
Made up of every moment I wish I could forget,
And just when I am sure I'll be able to tread water long enough to make it safely back to shore,
I am pulled further out to sea,
Betrayed by the weight of my own experience.
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