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Krista Marie Mac Jul 2013
in my world of gray

you were fire

i mistook you for colour

but you left everything

black & gray
Krista Marie Mac Aug 2011
i see you there

branches twisted in a cage

(the most organic prison)

snow on the ground

a red tattered blanket on

and you’re shivering

(in the centre)

the silence of the forest surrounds you

(whispers of birch and pine)

you feel so alone

tears freezing to your face

you’re already numb

look up

feel my hand

the warmth as i pull you in closer

(and keep you there)

i will protect you

(until you stop shaking)

hold you close

as winter passes to spring

and i’ll be back in autumn..
Krista Marie Mac Jun 2011
i’ve got

those eyes drawn in my mind

that name painted on my tongue

that soul dancing in my lungs

ghost whispers

flash thoughts

*heartbreak is a watercolour
Krista Marie Mac Jun 2011
i’m replacing my heart

with a clock

i just want the ticking to stay regular

i had a metronome

but every beat

reminds me of your voice

reminds me of your songs

the rise and fall

i can’t bear to hear it any more
Krista Marie Mac Jun 2011
i will hold you

until you fall


in my arms

— The End —