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KM May 2016
For your soul and mind
That they are well
For the man that left me twice(and I left once, I need to start including that in my rants; I often wonder if that's why you did it), I pray for nothing but love and protection. I ask for your heart to be turned towards things that will bring joy and life, and away from those that drag you down...
You glow so brightly..
Well you used to
And I did too
But now we're dull and we've fallen apart once again
And I find myself
Just begging
For you to be okay
Because I know I will be
Or I'll hurt forever and deal with that too
But you, sweet one, I fear for
I'm sure that would make you indignant
You don't need me worrying about you
But I'll always be here for you
Even if you won't talk to me for another year
I am always here if you need me
Or if for some silly reason
You want me
I am so torn... I adore you and I still think you're the love of my life, but I also now think that maybe I just got a ****** card and I'm not going to have you because my love doesn't even .want to say hello. And because of that, I am trying to let go of you. But the harder I try, the more desperate I feel... I sure hate that...
KM May 2016
I used to think
bright blue eyes
and long blonde hair
was my weakness
But it turns out
it was your blue eyes
and your blonde hair
that made my knees drop
made my heart flutter
And now
All I see is you
When the others stare
and their dull blue eyes
don't light up my room
And the smell of their skin
doesn't help me sleep
doesn't make me feel safe
Your eyes are torrential downpour
into my soul
drowning all that I was
Leaving a changed woman
stranded in my place
Not that I've given any a chance.
I am still so repulsed by the idea
of a mans touch..
KM Dec 2014
A home wrecker is a woman
Who comes between two lovers
A dreadful sort that is feared
but what do you call a woman
Who gets in her own way
Who wrecks her own home
Simply Chaos
KM Dec 2014
Oh my sweet lover
With the safest arms I know
Hold them close around my skin
My flesh my soul and bones
Encase me in your sanctuary
Wrap me up with delight
I'll see you in the morning dawn
Gently kissed by the days first light
KM Sep 2014
My mind has run off on an adventure
And left me far behind
Incomplete? Finish it.
KM Sep 2014
I want to write a poem
For the love of my life
Thanking him for grace
And soon making me his wife

What a life we have ahead
Though things may be tough
We'll make it through whatever
For our love is enough

So here is a poem for you
My sweetest sky
Thank you for your love
You make my heart soar high

I'll be with you  forever
All of my days and more
We will defeat all battles
And win every war
KM Sep 2014
Little things always change
They all build up
And I always forget
To watch for it
Though not always for the worse
Little things always change
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