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K Lupus Sep 2017
Take me with you*
    Though I haven't decided where
  Explore the chassis of galaxies
       together we'd devour
Sight a thousand stars
            alight in a shared dawn
    Or sup upon the essence of incarnation
Bound by the ties we utter
                lets go on a search  with futures overlapping
Even if the universe will grind to a halt
Tribute to Grimoire of Zero
K Lupus Sep 2017
Caught a glimpse of the thinnest line
of which by far the best crucible for lies

Opaqued senses with asinine approach
Desecrating the abyss of the nothingness
Empty as the glass I'm drinking. Foolish lies
K Lupus Aug 2017
Umbral passing reaching its prime
A quarter gone groping to shine
Moonlit alley I gaze upon
Crescendo fortissimo, again it ran
Lunarian face against a long one

Sympathizing in lieu of closing
Celestial suffocating in darkness
Sorrow devours this singularity
Both carving its way across the stars
Agonizing every dust found in galaxy
Blood Moon and Me
K Lupus Aug 2017
Halfway between the other I came across awake
Jause, jause I say and when I say jause I say feast in this little soiree.
The transitioning of day is reaching its final debut.
Winter solstice passing its prime, a change about in time
A change about in time, a change about inside humans' crime...
The corruption we aught to diminish that still clings
The greed, lust, pride, sorrow and wrath
that not by the very skin of my teeth will ever be relinquished.
The scums that dwell in the deepest cells of my lungs as I breathe.
The bitterness that for every grin I make of my face
can no longer hide.
The demons residing in faltering light, imprisoning,
controlling,constraining, stifling the progress delving life.
These filths that inflict the muscles beneath me, and the bones beneath that, who can help me?
Imprisoned me...Kept me...  
Controlling and constraining my
Tribute to my Teacher, L. and A. Moore
K Lupus Aug 2017
The very outcome of skinning
my identity maddens the fool.
How gauche their thinking is...
K Lupus Jul 2017
A grim path I must walk,
For growth to be spurred with sorrow,
To lose someone to keep walking.
Seeing you from behind,
Is what I always remember.
The very back of your body moving,
Traveling north with hair flaunting.

Go on a journey says Mozart
Unable to find out how it ends together,
Left an impinging image of love.
Begging for a chance to be given,
A prospect to tread evenly.
Under this Wagasa,
I implore you to take shelter.
Tribute to my beloved Wagasa
Your Lie in April
K Lupus Jul 2017
At my wits end grasping your vanishing portrait.
Reminiscing the golden time,
Circuitously projecting a chasm of flowers.
Drenching myself your reverberating voices.
Afraid to succumb to the neurotic state I'm in.

These precious memories I relentlessly hold,
Withering itself in a rapid surge.
A natural part of human experience,
Unluckily driven by such eccentric decease.
A repercussion of this chosen dalliance.

You're a phenom that came in like a storm.
Allowed me to love you, now I let you abhor.
Fallaciously believed in dandelion wishes,
A superstition created as stimulus of hope.
But it's too late to stop me, says Amnesia.

Remember me! Remember me!
You called
Tribute to Golden Time
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