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Kits SM Jul 2015
I feel out of place
Out of place like a mushroom in a green salad
Like an all-male rendition of Cats on Broadway
Like Godzilla on Melrose Avenue
I feel like an adoptee in my own body
It's like "Hey! how long have you been here?"

My sentences are cut short whenever I try to speak because
Of all the train wreck shows that people could watch, I'm the one that's been off air for billions of years
That's what I lack
If I open my mouth
I sound like I'm from another planet
A stranger on this earth, in this land, in this city
And I can't forget my mother's words
"You'll fit in somewhere."
But the boat to ****** island already left, and I'm a bad swimmer

Let me feel at ease
Let even my whispers make sense
Let me touch someone without feeling like I'm burning them
Let me do my campaign of shock and awe like a living creature in a cabinet of curiosities

I feel out of place
Like the lightning that falls inches from the tree
Like a satellite thrown off the Earth's orbit
Out of place
Like a missing sock ****** for the rest of eternity
Like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, thank you Katy Perry

In my own skin
I feel too big and too small
All at once
This rock in space feels odd, like it's not home
But the mothership is long gone
And, what can I say
I guess I'm stuck here
Kits SM Jul 2015
I have no idea why you drove us to the lake
That party was boring, I know
But why the lake?

I can hear the crickets chirping
It's like the moon is singing
Reading the melody on the waving water

Shoes off
Ankles deep

Lose the sequin dress
Up to the waist

Dive in
The flowers in my hair will wash ashore tomorrow

Take a breath
The water is like strands of barb-wire
I would have thought August to be most merciful for swimming

Mild summer night
Treacherous to my bones
Goosebumps all over

I come out shaking
And I know
Only you can warm me up
Kits SM Apr 2015
My lips are a battlefield
Chapped on the outside
They represent my inner demons

I cut through those lips of mine daily
When the stress makes it hard to focus
And my breath forgets to repeat itself

When the vindictiveness of my own words
Sews the bruises, and my stomach
Rests as it feeds on the blood my mouth is filled with

I know, vampires are usually beautiful people
But my lips always clash
They always tell the people who see me

"That girl, she's got something dark on the inside
She fuels herself with her brain's own chatter
And her teeth dig her grave inside those lips."

It's a cancer that spreads to the inside of my cheeks
My fingernails, my knuckles, the seams in my shirts
It doesn't just flutter through, it bulldozes

It's something hard and loud that makes you regret you ate that morning
That metallic taste will rot your soul
And turn your lips into a soulless brawl
Kits SM Apr 2015
You raise your hand as if poking the sun
The best memory you have comes to mind
A small smile creeps onto your face

Clouds of summer soothe your soul
And in their marmoreal curves
You wish to join them

Soft alabaster over the hills and the city
Takes you back to kind thoughts
Oh how I wish you were here
Kits SM Apr 2015
A miracle occurred
Right outside my house
Funny how the shots stopped

The windows tremble no more
And the night has regained its peace
The only sound is the people's snoring

Where my dreams were once held captive
Now floats a dreamy lull
The secrecy of my mind fills with a roar

Darkness, you are my only friend
For you, at 3.44am, bring me comfort
And my pen freely writes

— The End —