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kirra 1d
Do you remember poem #14?
I stand within walls of poetry
from time to time
and my eyes can't help but be drawn
to a dusty copy of a gift given months ago.
It was so quite new
me and you.
Now it's not old but should be labeled as familiar.
And I love it.
And I love you,
and with all the love I had
when you gave me
poem #14.
me in the library reading e.e. cummings
kirra Sep 6
if i could explain the way you make me feel
i would have poetry dripping from my lips

but its not that simple
you are to complex to put on paper
if i could write you
it would be enough emotions to fill a book or 2

but ive tried
and im just so speechless
kirra Sep 6
it might just have to be nicotine and caffeine
to get me through this
because patterns prove that we must all be addicted
to something that is bad for us
if it cant be you i must fill my front pocket another way
it was gorgeous and riveting
but soon ill have no other choice
i must go back
to nicotine and caffeine
kirra Aug 22
you cant tell me
that the need to get away
is simply because you want to see something new
i know the feeling
unseen chains
and wavering scholars
we are all running
but from what?

i now know
that the answer sits peacefully in my soul
i think i give too much
not everyone deserves my love
i don't care any longer about how i am perceived
so i must only give my love
to only those who appreciate it

i am found once again in solitude
running fast with need
all people present in my place of joy
will not last forever
they will be gone but i will know
where to look to find joy in solitude

it has become known to me
i run from the love i give
kirra Aug 22
i can be a gemini too
if only you knew
the chaos will break me down
but first you
kirra Aug 22
there is only pure love that is wanted in her mind
the rest doesn't matter

but she also knows that life is life
it comes and goes, all of it

she knows that at the end of the road
she will find herself alone
again and over again

but along the way there will be flowers,
fields and fields,
some new, some old, all beautiful

she knows that life is not easy but gorgeous
so so gorgeous
kirra Jul 5
a little part
of my heart
is back,
it never left,
i promise
now it's just here again,
so strong,
stronger than ever.
oh how i missed it.
and oh how
happy i am
to have it back,
thank you, universe,
i appreciate it
so much.
i wanted it back,
but i also needed it
to fade away so that i could
realize how much
i appreciate it,
how much i require it,
this little part
of my heart.
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