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kirra Feb 14
quiero ser importante a ti
quiero ser en la misma pagina
del mismo libro
quiero tu voz, tu vida
aparte de mi, las arboles siento lo mismo
she said she wants our roots to touch
she thinks they would twine nicely
the star stayed above her head
as she pressed forward so did the emblem
she felt the distance
along with the truth
confronted at a meeting with the obstacle inside

~ I want to be important to you~

as he loves his favorite rock
he cares for her
eyes as deep as Japanese beetles
her hands cold
trace a crack on amethyst
muddy and diagonal
rain for the slug jars open on the terrace
they sit low on the ground floor
with bugs and the better part of building shade
he wants to break her open
as if the rock is a geode
and the crack is the clue
but her weight runs smooth over jagged tools
and no force of his hands could change something permanent
no stone is the same
they slip and prefer the bottom of the river
then to the eyes of a collector

you still have every reason to be satisfied
no stone is the same but if you loose an amethyst then find another purple stone it may remind you of what you once had.
kirra Feb 14
protect your house
wrap it again and again
thick fabric no frays
hold it close to your
side body
rib cage
if its too thick to see through
patch it
layer it lightly
but more than once
hex your ex
heal your sister
lock your doors to make soup and other
beautiful things
hold it close to your
side body
rib cage
my house is on fire
he carried the matches in his left pocket
and the keys in his right
for this there is judgment
for this there is the tower
for this there is driftwood and
stones plaster and time cement
i don't want to see you again
my house doesn't want to see you again
we are searching for safety in anyway that fits
folded and
for filip
kirra Oct 2022
A pear that has been
that was more accurately what it felt like
when you traced
your finger
                                    :      :
                                  :         :
now I'm drying out
and simultaneously
sinking deep
kirra Oct 2022
Don't make me less soft
I want my fingertips to alternate
touch tip underneath
I'm not cold in your way
this is a sacred space
back drops
constellation of wrong movements
merge me with the source
unlike him
we have reference slits so we sit
in the right place
at the right
while I stand on a different coast
This was the final line I wrote
then tore out the page
dipped it in water
pasted it to something
more permanent than an internet connection
don't make me less soft
or you will find yourself
somewhere less sacred
with a loss of touch
kirra Oct 2022
Ants crawling to the center
As do I
Walk in oval
Shapes and shells
On her back
Permanent ink
Unlike these oil-soaked hands
Resting on knees
I am her and she is me
Laying on tile
Hands locked
Searching for land
kirra Oct 2022
There are four pillars next to me
I wish I were as stable
I only see U's
The soft underbelly
Of a stable structure
I have been floating lately
Between now and months to come
I don't know where home is but
I'm on the inside looking out
and there's only water and air
divided by a horizon
If my words can't be read clear
I don't know how to speak
Silk soft silk soft silk
I want to wrap you
soft silk
I don't speak anymore
but can you still sense me?
soft silk soft silk
you make me feel unlike myself
you make me feel I am taking up space
If I could
I would wrap U
soft silk
kirra Jul 2022
In the cracks
and splurging
from thick metal
on a ring
on a wrist
holding lightly
hands of my past
and hers too
seven ways to say hello to a lover
the first way to draw them
with thin lines
and place rocks in the pockets
of both the left and right
of a night
fall into a dream
the only one vivid enough
to remember
happens to be in a desert state
fetal on the dust
yellow from dirt
only one side of my body is connected
the other
held his head
and green bushes
pushed up to something bigger
in dreams, you can have dreams with others
ours was to paint
and spend the rest of our time together
you work your way into the cracks of my life
like tourmaline does too
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