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Kimberly Sep 2013
I took a final glance at you
And realized
That I've wasted far too much time
Trying to write poetry
That could be

Kimberly Sep 2013
I love the way you smile

That alone

Kimberly Aug 2013
You are walks by the rain
I am water in the drain

You are familiar radio tunes
I am background noises in cartoons

You are shiny red shoes on the new arrival shelf
I am torn, tattered boots resting by itself

You are Gin and tonic
I am chronic alcoholics

You are late night conversations
I am forgotten relations

You are reread books
I am infrequent looks

You are lemonade on a hot summer day
I am medication kept at bay

You are the full moon
I am regular afternoons

You were all that I was not
And therefore you complete me
Kimberly Aug 2013
Don't let this unworldly confession
Throw you off guard
I will always love you
Kimberly Aug 2013
Loving you seemed effortless
I was beautiful
Even with the strands of hair out of place
I was funny
Even when it was just a causal comment I thought of halfway
I was clever
Even when the things I said were never always quite right

Loving you seemed effortless
I never had to wake up early to pick my clothes
I no longer worried about the zit on my nose
I didn't feel the need to tie my hair
I just came as I was
And you accepted it there and then,

Loving you was effortless
How our conversations continued tirelessly
You knew just the right things to say
And I did too
we could understand each other
Like a whole new language
Only we understood
And how you told me I looked beautiful
Even though I was not

Then loving myself became effortless
Kimberly Aug 2013
Amidst all the madness and panic that surrounded
I squander to my sanctuary
In hope to escape reality
Even if it was just for a bit

I slam the door shut behind me
To rest my exhausted body and soul
on the toilet bowl
And gave a sigh of relief
It was good to finally get away
Even if it was just for a bit

The frustrations and anxieties of the day
Gave way in a liquid form
So I say
"Please God, cleanse me of my darkness,
take away my pain,
end me of my misery."
I was not a Christian
Nor did I have a religion of any sort
I just needed everything to stop
But this time, for more than a bit.

Kimberly Aug 2013
Our eyes met

I thought about the conversation we had that lasted til 4AM
And how I didn't want it to end
The many brief silences that we shared
I treasured
The honesty of 4AM was powerful
your intimate thoughts

Our gazes interlocked

I thought about when your head rested playfully on my shoulder
And how I liked it there
You lied that you were tired
But I felt inspired
it was lovely

You broke into a smile
and I fell in love with it

It wasn't a smile that bragged
Or was too much
it was a simple smile
but it glowed
radiating happiness
that revealed mine as well

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