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Kimberle Killips Apr 2013
Her cheeks lifted and the corners
Of her mouth turned up ever so
Slightly into an all knowing smile.
Oh yes, those lips knew the
Whispered truths of her peers.
Only fools let go of treasures and
What a lost treasure it was.
I can't decide whether or not to add more to this, but I decided to share anyways.
Kimberle Killips Apr 2013
He asked me if I still missed him
And the word no slipped between
My lips.

And there it was. The key finally
Clicked open the shackles of my past.
The great weight unchained from
My mind.

A smile lingered upon the realization
Of my freedom. Unbound now is
My heart.
Kimberle Killips Mar 2013
I am a spider weaving my life
Onto my web, but I’ve gone
Too far again.
Someone is tangled up in my
Gossamer strings and I haven’t
The heart to let him out easy.
To let him go would be leaving
Myself lonely once more and
What’s the point in lacing if
No one gets caught.
Mother always said not to play
With your food, but no one
Ever said the food
Would play back so well.
So I continue with no
Intentions nor reassurances
And hope the bug learns how
To fly out on its own.
Kimberle Killips Mar 2013
I know it's a bit belated, for I've
Grown much too old, but I
Still have that little secret
Like dear Mrs. Darling had.

It's there, in the corner
Of these lips, I've glimpsed,
Waiting for that One to claim it.  

But I haven't had my
Adventure yet.
The wind has never played
Through my hair nor the
Clouds danced between my

Perhaps He got the wrong house.
Maybe He found someone
Else to forget with.

I've no choice but to continue
Growing older. Through His youthfulness
Though, I've learned "To live would
Be an awfully big adventure," and so
I carry on flourishing and developing
Into a person that boy could never be.
Kimberle Killips Feb 2013
With yesterday's makeup and
Today's smile on, I'm starting
To see what tomorrow will bring.
Kimberle Killips Jan 2013
I'm afraid of what
My dreams may bring
So I stay awake just
A bit longer.

I await the inevitable
Restlessness after my
Subconscious conjurings.

In the morning, remembering
Everything I felt,
Everything I did,
I have to choose whether to
Be dragged down
Or lifted up.

Why am I never lifted up...
Kimberle Killips Jan 2013
I had a dream about you
Last night. I hate those now.
They tend to bring back too
Many things.
This one seemed different though.
We were going on a trip
To one of my favorite places,
But we were as we are now
In our emotions.
I went to reach for your hand
To hold in the car, but thought
Better of it, knowing those days
Are over.
Melancholy on both our faces,
We lose each other in an unfamiliar
Place and know there's no point in
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