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Kiefer D McRay Jan 2014
I've come to find power in harmony.
The pleasant color of sapphire ~
Azure memories collapsing together.
Ignite my mind's fire with sympathy.
I'm breathing the gossip of my heart.
It's fleeting romances coming off as art.
In harmonious love under the blue, blue sky...
It's always alone that I see myself die.
Taking this as another empty rhyme.
One left for the books, to become dust.
Rivers of crime and evil lust.
They're what fill the minds...
Most definitely what binds;
Those who don't see the world in sapphire harmony.
Kiefer D McRay Jan 2014
New, mirrored perspective.
I can feel it pulsing in my words.
In my stillness.
Pristine thoughts ~ Higher and glistening.
While the everyday folk wander outside,
I'm meekly wondering.   Wishing that -
Somewhere, somehow.
My two sides would coincide.
Now bereaved of options.
Respectively, bow your head.
Accept no more pleading adoptions.
Those abyssal sparks can stay dead.
We will only see ahead.
Kiefer D McRay Feb 2013
Loosen your pattern,
Locked in cloth.
The shaded memories dampen.
Blurred be the images of your emotionally betroth,
By the beloved froth
Your horrendous sloth hereby hearken.
The age of light...
What a frivolous delight!

Insofar as to say that all things float.
That's it's just one big game -
Of hide and seek.
“Oh no, what a shame!” Such is presumably remote.
And disgustingly meek.

See that star?
You've come to adore?
Will you spare yourself what you know isn't healthy?
Knowing that all things are.
Dying and nothing more.
You see the tranquil secrets very deftly.

Oh what's this? Face forward!
Feet a' stepping!
Hearts a' ticking!
The truth's all backwards...
But who cares?...
“A human with any insight would say that they don't need a purpose. -
Surplus filled the brightest emotions; Will to commit heinous actions.
A malicious goal reduced to a fraction of importance.
Time to think of yourself in this instance.
The emotions of others the next,
For this most surely directs,
Superfluous answers at last.
This life just moves too fast...”
Says the man who thoughtfully stares.

But oh great joyous occasion!
Oh this glorious revelation!
The presents of the past deny the presence of the present.
Your eyes deceive you; These thoughts control you.
Free the mind within it's own boundaries -
You see all things have a subconscious foundry.
Kiefer D McRay Feb 2013
Watch me rise beyond death.
Right past your eyes and hypocritical breath.
With which you prophetically announce,
and so pathetically denounce.
Me in every way possible.
You're a flea, demeaning common day people.
Words completely self-centered and feeble.

May your dreams fester and rot.
Your soul diminish to a dot
Spiritless demon be sickened.
With a liar's oath you'll be stricken.
Sight clouded with the lives of those shot.

Beyond my hate
Or a wish of your hellish fate.
Knowledge that you too, should be saved.
Show an ellipse of a faithful rave.
An open ear, to my following words to be paved.
Maybe a chance will be presented.
A chance to deny hell, lamented.
Make an honest word or fall.
Slip a tear or become a thrall.
An eclipse of the evils to be repented.

Through all of the sin.
And superfluous din.
Of the life we in.
You'll find a truth beholden.
And the chance unbroken.

It's never too late to turn round on your heel
and feel a feeling too real to be left under ground.
Below the surface of your expression.
Answers to an ageless question.
Should I love my above brethren?
Kiefer D McRay Feb 2013
There's an inner sinking in my ocean.
A billowing crescent, waxed devotion
Whispering within the subtleties of breath.
I believe in what will cause our death.
I believe discovering our inner selves,
In among the mixed revelations,
Dainty compilations facing dilapidation.
The many soulless miners delve deeper.
When you learn who you are past the shouts of the gods.
Shattering composure with their mighty voices.
Left to one's own devices, secreting away the factual answers.
Humans dreaming in spite of their own conscious, forever dancers.
When you learn you're like the rest, a part of the whole.
What will hold up to you? As the best, the beauty of the soul.
Kiefer D McRay Feb 2013
Blue skies, open eyes.
I love you, it's not new.
Drifting clouds, shuffling doubts.
Feel you close to me, we don't have to go that route.
Running feet, sit and weep.
But every time you catch up with me, and every time you're there to keep.
Deathly shadows, feeling fated...
But with you it's like we're no longer dated.
Blue skies, open your eyes my dear. For you I'm always here, and for you I'll always fear.
Red dawn shared between us, but even the sun doesn't seem to rush... and with that you blush.
Blue skies, shut your eyes my love. You don't need to see, that we're always gonna be free.
First poem I ever wrote :3
Kiefer D McRay Feb 2013
Black Rainbow full of power and thought
Show me what you've got.
Let me follow you into the field of  flowers with not -
a single soul that lies sleeping
Keeping secrets, dancing with the darker shades of the bowers.
Silver-Tongued demons filling our minds with loveless lies and needles goodbyes.
Come now, sweet, shaded, rainbow
Invite us to your realm to be forever broken down.
Lost in a year 'round sunlight.
Never to remember the dark night.
Treacherous floating feelings.
Allow me to confide in you my dealings
So that I might remember the dangerous tides.
While you sit there hiding.
And riding your thoughtless, detrimental ride.
I'm not afraid of dying.
Rainbow of reality's truer situations.
Speak now of your colors and ignite my eternal revelation.
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