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Kelly Selvester Dec 2013
Another year has come and gone,
Your also year older (but don't tell anyone).
Take what is past and throw it to the wind,
What's done is done, a new cycle begins.
Embrace each moment with a hidden gem inside,
As in days to come who knows what you might find.
Although some storms may blow,
And fires may go out,
You hold the key now,
So never shut it out.
Kelly Selvester Dec 2013
Merry Christmas one and all,
I hope you all have a ball.
Enjoy the spirit of festive cheer,
That only comes once a year.
And so now switch on your tree lights,
As soon it will again be night.
Do not overindulge on the turkey this year,
Think of the extra weight you've to clear.
Open your gifts, all special to you,
As you are very special too.
I hope all your wishes and dreams come true,
But for now, I bid you all adieu.
Kelly Selvester Feb 2013
In the depths of this despair,
Comes a glimmer of shinning hope,
As memories floor that emptiness,
And feelings gather, hard to cope.
The cold hardness softens,
And love bubbles gently afloat,
As ticking clocks start to stop,
Through years of lost notes.
"A cheeky little smile",
That's what you wrote,
As we sat there apart,
Easily your best quote.
But those days have gone,
All seem so now remote,
As I say goodbye to those memories,
A lump in my throat.
Kelly Selvester Nov 2012
I cannot help but wonder,
why am i here?
To do this task a million times,
for god knows how many years!
I cannot help but wonder,
as i sit and think aloud.
Why on earth did i join up,
to be abused and cursed in a muddled crowd.
I cannot help but wonder,
why do you abuse me so?
When all i do, is do as you ask,
yet you make me stoop so low.
And now i sit here and wonder, and no longer wonder aloud,
And watch my thoughts turn to stone, as i disappear into the crowd.
Kelly Selvester Nov 2012
one final push was all it took,
to turn that twisted key,
that unlocks the hole that i now jump into,
bottomless to eternity
Kelly Selvester Oct 2012
A million more miles couldn't fill this space I feel.
Alone, cold, and afraid. I miss you.
It seems like another year passes by instead of a day before I see you again.
Counting down those long nights, that restless sleep.
If I could cross the space of the Earth for you I would.
I would never not do anything for you.
No matter how many brick walls I hurl too,
No matter how many drinks to sleep I must swallow,
I miss you. And await the long day to see you once more.
Kelly Selvester Sep 2012
The emptiness of the page can grow far and wide.
As far as the road grows further away from home.
That sweet air that only freedom knows.
The battering weather a fruitful reminder of home.
Echoing hollowness in my chest, reminders of longing.
Home. A place of peace. A place where you live.
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