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Kelcee All Feb 2019
Missing you terribly
maybe you were right
I alwayz told you to fight
Useless, Im taking flight
See you soon enough
this life is doom
as i sit here wallowing
in this dark room
reminding me of you
*** the pain
show me rain
nothing more to give
call me insane
im really tired
ive suffered soo long
please forgive me
right or wrong...
... Kelcee All
Kelcee All Feb 2019
Calling your name
undeniable pain
tortured heartbreak
forced to fake
Justified beliefs
crashing blue reefs
mother nature at play
fierce unbearable dayz...
...Kelcee All
Kelcee All Feb 2019
Cold dark stare
clearly unaware
open your eyes
if you dare...
...Kelcee All
Kelcee All Feb 2019
Change of scene
dark haunting dreams
unable to escape
her delusional past

Inevitable crash
fueled with sin
gathering force
colossal train

cold steel chains
locked in a cage
uncontrollable rage
acting insane

devastating shame
tortured inward pain
color of red
how much she bled
...Kelcee All
Kelcee All Feb 2019
We have all  been hurt
disappointed and betrayed
We struggle with choices
We can feel sorry for ourselves
run away and hide
fall into a depressive state
let anger lead to revenge
question our self worth
become bitter souls
living a lonely unfulfilled life...

You have a choice to make
let negativity rule your life
or live a positive happy one

remove yourself from toxic people
believe in yourself
know your worth
accept nothing less

surround yourself with positive people
look forward
leave the past behind

be compassionate and kind
let go of your anger
look into your heart
and always FORGIVE!!!

you cannot control
the actions of others
you have control
in how you respond

this is your life
never allow others to steal your power
be strong
stay true to yourself

Set yourself free
hold your head up high
spread your wings
your ready to fly...
... Kelcee All
Kelcee All Feb 2019
Goodbye my love
Soo much sorrow and pain
Constant struggle
Every minute each day
Drowning in memories
As hard as i try
They will not fade
My heart will never the same
You took what you wanted
You have no shame...
Just to be clear
You lost your own game
You will never forget
My name shall remain
Your demons within
You will never tame...
... Kelcee All
Kelcee All Jan 2019
I am not a monster..
just a misguided host
terrible, selfish, Unforgiveable truths and actions...
never wanted to stray...
words spoken...
never wanting to say...
regretting those betrayed...
but as I lay here in the bed I have made...
I am still beautiful...
enough said...
...Kelcee All
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