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KD Burgdorff Mar 2019
In our youth
When we scraped our knees and elbows
Raw and red
We would run to our mothers
Frightened of the first taste of the attribute
That would haunt us like a shadow admist
Our grown up lives

Into the medicine cabinet she would reach
Placing soothing kisses over
our barely present wounds
Placing soft sticky Band-Aids on our scraped up limbs

It was a quick fix
Comfort and safety wrapped up into one
Paper packaged medicinal amenity
And each Band-Aid would make us yearn for more

An addiction it became so quickly
We became oversensitive to pain
One sharp tag and we went fumbling for the box
A peeling piece of skin
and the world was topsy turvy
Until it was covered and forgotten

When we finally felt
Real and jarring pain
The wrappers surrounded us
A mountain of useless snow
And all the Band-Aids would unstick
From the amount of blood seeping out of
Dagger cuts and bullet holes

And we go back to our youth
And remember when life was sweet like an August peach
And pain was something talked of movies and ghost stories
And we cry our salty tears
Begging to go back when a band aid could fix everything

And we wonder
When that power left
And this despair finally set in

The band aids unstick
And fall to the ground
Like we once did
In our youth
When we scraped our knees and elbows

Raw and red
KD Burgdorff Nov 2018
the air weeps

the ground mourns

the stars cry aloud

the sea wails

they have flown into the night

they have found a new home

those dreams have vanished

my heart falls asunder

I am pitied

this heartache comes


I am undone
KD Burgdorff Sep 2018
Mommy said there was no such thing
as the Monster

When I was scared
she tucked me in
and kissed my cheek
and told me
"it's all just a nightmare"

But some days
I see the marks
the monster left her

Purple and Blue
Yellow and Black
the colors of the saddest rainbow

Sometimes at night, the monster gets her
and in the morning
she makes splashes
in her coffee

Mommy protects me
The monster never comes
to get me

But one day
Mommy was on the ground
and she didn't move

and the monster stood over her

a ****** knife in his hand
glinting like his silver
wedding band
KD Burgdorff Aug 2018
I think I saw you
last night

Waiting at the edge of the crosswalk
talking on the phone

I blinked
and you were gone

A glitch in the universe
I suppose

But this morning
I saw you again

On the edge of my lawn
looking at my window

I threw it open
but you weren't there

I closed it
and turn around

I saw you there
in my room

your hand gently
touching my face

You smell
so distinct

A smile stretched
across your face

I missed you
you said

You've been doing well
you said

I breathed
and you were gone

Back to where ever it was
that souls go

I want to say

But you left
so suddenly

you couldn't
let go

and I

still can't

let go
KD Burgdorff Aug 2018
There's a special feeling only a few of us get to feel
In those hours when it's nighttime, but day

We feel like we're the only people in the world
Like the universe created it just for us

We're the rulers of a quiet and eerie world
so different from the harsh life of day

It's in those moments we find ourselves wandering
Waiting and wondering
Listening and imagining
something that's out of our grasp
or not yet in our lives

It's only for a brief moment we get to feel that
before sleep comes for us

and the last thing we think
before we drift off into the oasis of bliss

"what will today bring?"
KD Burgdorff Aug 2018
There must be something in the water
that gives me those tingles
that makes my ears ring
when I hear you laugh

There must be something in the wine
that makes me float
and feel all giddy
when you tuck my hair behind my ear

There must be something in the flowers
that you gave me on Valentine's
that makes my eyes water
and my heart thump against my ribs

There must be something in the air
that makes it so hard to breathe
when I see you

There must be something in my eyes
that trick me into thinking
you're kissing someone else

There must be something in my brain
that made me so oblivious
to the things you were doing

There must be something in my heart
that makes it break into a million pieces

There must be something
that made me think
you loved me
KD Burgdorff Aug 2018
When you're falling asleep
in a place that's far from home

I'll be in the air you breathe
A soft whisper
against the loud voice of loneliness

When you're watching the seasons pass
I will be in the leaves that grow and fall
the rain that comes to wash your sorrows away

When you carry your dreams into the harsh future of tomorrow
I will help with the burden
until there is a steady place on which they can rest

When those salty tears run down your face
I will wipe them away with a gentle wind
and a kiss on a salty breeze

I am everywhere
in the water
in the air
in the clouds
in the sky
in your heart

And though I cannot walk the harrowing road of life with you anymore
I will take your hand
and guide you to a tomorrow I never got to see

And when your time comes to meet me at the end of the road
I will smile and embrace you

I will whisper to you
"You were never alone"
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