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I'm sorry for what I've done
I'm sorry for the monster I've become
I'm sorry for the demons within
I'm sorry that I'm no longer holding that gun
I'm sorry that I've so sad
I'm sorry that I can't be glad
I'm sorry that I'm such a bother
Take me higher,
Then i was before,
I met you.
I am a *****
Minus the triggers being pulled and the drugs being sold
But just a black man bold enough to face a world so cold
A cold world we call society
When being black and sobriety doesn't mix because we use drugs in variety
But quietly
I am a *****
Thinking what made this word so negative
Is it because we made it positive
Or is it negative we became cognitive enough for a scholarship
Yes, I am a *****, no I'm not a rapper
But this system makes me sick enough for chicken soup and crackers
Yes, I am a *****, and I am an athlete
And I still maintain my sanity from having my *** beat
Although I am a *****, I am not lesser than you
Nor am I second to you
I just wonder what it takes to get the message to you
Crazy I'm a ***** yet I still know my father
Crazier calling me a ***** doesn't give me a bother
Maybe it's crazy that I'm a part of the problem
What's craziest is I'm a ***** still attending a college
You should have no problem reading this regardless of race
What's absurd is a word means more than a face
We're more focused on race than we are as a species
But I'm going to sit back and take a sip of this sweet tea
We went from black panthers, huge bushes, picks, and combs
I thought words could never hurt you?
What happened to sticks and stones?
It was a passionate greeting filled with both love and lust
A Lust for touch
A love for life

The greeting was quick at first
Unlike the others
They then started to move slower
Last longer
Heavy breathing but short breathes

The greeting would soon lead to a tangled mess of bodies
Art to some
Sin to others

With lust comes sin
With love comes family

The lust was there, although love was stronger
A little mix of both
Grows and grows
Love starts to blossom once more
Lust starts to yearn even worse  

Until the the age of the greeting begins.
Dear old friend,
Remember that little pig tailed girl?
Dressed in pink...
Only to think
She's sitting in her room right now
With her pigtails ruined
Makeup smeared
Crying because your not here
Ever since you left
She's been so depressed
Hoping one day soon
She'll take her last breathe

She's gotten so good at hiding her pain
No one even notices
She knows she's the blame
Her new best friend doesn't know
But only because she never showed
The scars on her skin in fear of people leaving
When really
It gets them grieving
And they know your in need of saving
She doesn't want to be weak anymore
Because one day the cops will be knocking at her parents door
With a note
written on it
"I wasn't worth it"

They think it's all an act
It's been hell since you were gone
And maybe she'll be soon gone too
With you
Dear best friend,
I was never worth it
I'm that little pigtailed girl and people just lost focus...
Still working on my poetry hoping to get better
Dear old friend,
remember me?
You've been my best friend
When I couldn't stand me
You were always there,
When I was feeling blue
It's a **** shame
That I'm not with you
I miss you so much
I don't want to be here
When I know
Your no where near
I can't find you
Your gone
And it's killing me to know
I have to live on
Without you in my life
I miss you so much
What I wouldn't give
For one last touch
Dear old friend
Oh how I miss you so
But I Know you know
I love you.

Okay so I'm a 14 year old girl. I'm learning how to Make my poetry better
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