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Kayla T Mally Mar 2013
Every wish I ever made
Every prayer I ever said

Every tear I ever shed
Every night, lonely in bed

Every candle I blew out
Every dream was about

Every coin in fountain thrown
Every grasp on every wishbone

Every ounce of magic's best
Came together to manifest

All the stars in the sky aligne
And made perfect you to be mine
Never were two souls better matched
Than you and I, once our love hatched
Almost an empty score of waiting and yearning
Was filled with humor, kindness, and learning

And every wish
Every prayer
Every tear
Has built the perfect man standing here
To cut through these strings
And open my wings
And let the rest of our lives truly begin
Kayla T Mally Jan 2013
What sort of divination is this?
Immediately paralyzed by a feathery kiss.
The magnetism between us was always so strong,
But now I'm tortured awaiting you to arrive erelong.

You cast your wand, chant triple syllable spell
You filled my void, something you'd always done well

Now something has changed

This is far more intense
I find that I have lost every single defense

Tender Wizard, Loving Warlock, I am begging thee
Do not ever set me free.
Whatever potion, illusion, or spell this is
I am forever in need of you, my Adonis

For withdrawal seems fatal on both ends
The future now on you depends
For I do not want to leave my trance
This allurement was never a happenstance

Forever I see you with love veiled eyes
Vulnerable to even the slightest demise.
Kayla T Mally Jan 2013
I understand why you hurt and
I understand what's been done
But it seems to me you do not understand
That I am not the one.
She was the one that broke your heart,
I'm not her.
She was the one to psychotically start,
I'm not her.
The ones that left silver scars on your perfect face...
I'm not them.
You react and flinch at me as though I am your former femme.
Ghosts of girlfriends past
Haunting our sublime present
They begin to scar me too
As you reflect onto me your ailment.
Punished for performing torment, neglect, and malice
When all that I'd done was exaltment, respect, and cherish.
I beg you to lift the mask from your eyes
That will lead to our purest love's demise
For if we were to end on their score
I will forever bear my own wounds that were yours before.
Kayla T Mally Jul 2012
I know what I said, I know what I swore
But I can't keep the promise that I made before

I thought I could handle it after some time
But it just gets harder not getting to call you mine

I know we said friends, I know we'd agreed
But deep inside I have, Oh God, this need

I thought I just needed you, and I guess I was right
But the way I need you is the very way you try to fight

I know this isn't fair to you, with no technical wrongs
But I need to do what's right for me, should have all along

I know what I said, I know what I swore
But now I'm apologizing because I can't go back to before
Kayla T Mally Jul 2012
By the shore there is a table
Old and rickety, to hold much 'tis not able
Upon that table is a glass of wine
Delicate, beautiful, its contents fine.
But the shore is cruel to the fragile little glass
For it sends terrible storms that pass
Over the table, the wind makes it sway
Taunting the glass, O cruel bay!
The slightest of touch will make it shatter,
Yet the shore sends the rain that comes a pitter-patter
The cup over floweth, fine contents spilled
The poor crystal seems to cry as 'tis overfilled.
This delicate glass will fall at a touch
Why must the table sway so much?
Yet all it needs is a firm hand
To secure the table to a stable stand.
Little wineglass, where is your help?
A little security is all you need.

— The End —