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Kayla May 2012
Cowardly moments are uninspiring
And you have proven to me,
That you are afraid
If took me forever to see that your passion is flat

To jump in, or fall in
Would be against your nature
You run as fast as you can
Because you're the furthest thing from a man

I don't know whether I can or will,
Hold on, to you or  your memory
I feel at liberty now I'm no longer affected by your pull
But I hope, for your own sake--someday your heart can be full

It kills me I don't get to be the one
The girl you finally stop all the cynical games for
It just can't be us, 'cause when push came to shove
We were nothing without those games, my love
Kayla May 2012
Thoughts of you
Warm water cascades

*I hope you remember
ten word poems about shower thoughts are nice.
Kayla May 2012
Every night is your adventure
You capture it under your wing
Quite like you did to me
On a particular conquest

**** you and that flawless face
You are wasted. Tonight you have sealed your fate
We are on the porch now, so you can smoke
You lean in and kiss me tenderly
Pull back slowly, and

All I can taste is alcohol and chemicals
My own innocent lips tainted.
Your mouth might be as toxic as you are
Quite my opposite, but as you know, I've never cared
A shiver goes up my spine and I'm reassured. This is why I stay
Kayla May 2012
Why do we build up past events in our minds? Such meager moments,
We tell the stories as if they are something epic,
Something like a majestic tale of a vast medieval castle,
That we had these wonderful, cryptic adventures in
Set upon rolling sage colored terrain
This uncharted empire that only we have experienced
But in reality, these adventures are sacred, only because they were fleeting
I didn't want to title this poem at all
Kayla May 2012
Take my heart but not my youth
I need my youth to survive
It’s not what you wanted, but it’s the truth
It’s the careless caress of something alive
the joy of being young, and not wanting to let that go
Kayla May 2012
Where would I be without you my dear?
My melancholy muse, forever stranded in my mind.
Depressing is the mere thought of you staying here
However, the thought of you leaving destroys me as well

I’m inspired by your shoulders
I clench onto them like I would fall a thousand feet,
If they weren’t holding me up.
Your being inspires my creativity.
Kayla May 2012
I get out of your bed with the fire escape on my mind,
First I must put on my clothes. But I have to do it beautifully
The tables have turned, It looks like I’m headed out early
Rather than you seeing me out, walking me to my car
“You’re leaving?” you say, “This early?”

I make up a horrible excuse, halfway on purpose
Truth is, I’m trying to skip the part
Where you rise up from the tangled sheets
And say “I’ll walk you out darling”

This time it’s me prematurely walking out on you
I’m not supposed to be here anyway
In this house. This haunted maze of a house
With you and your roommates

Who quietly walk up and down the stairs, wondering
What is it between us, that keeps me coming back
Truth is, I’m not entirely sure either
It could be the taboo of it all

But I think the reasons are much more simple
Letting go is impossible
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