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The hands that make me quiver with anticipation
the lips that are craved by every part of my body
the eyes I deem not to disappoint
the voice that silences my own thoughts
the hairs that brush against my skin
you halt my world with just a glance
love or lust
either way I cant get enough
either way I must
inject myself with your presence
for when you are not around
the demons call my name
trying to convince me to come down
I want to be me, because I want to be free
But the outside might not be ready to see me
or so I made myself believe
My wings can take me far but I'm too scared to spread them
but he took my hand and said let the wind guide them
he said he knows that loving yourself is hard.
but what he doesn't know is
that I don't even know how to love
who even am I? how can I love what I don't know
The man that was
I tried to tell him
They will put him down out of aggravation
It's still a steamy nation
They climb the rocks
act like hawks
and found the man whose not down with the glock's
He doesn't carry the dog
He carry's a notebook and a bible
He memorizes every line and tittle
He puts his pin to paper and instantly there's a hater
They know, they sit back and say whoa they instantly decide
if he doesn't abide this man will die
theres nowhere he can hide
it's time and choices were made
there lay the man
ashes to ashes dust to dust
they inhaled the smoke of the man that was
We live in a world where one day we take two steps forward, then the next we take six steps back.
Only to learn a lesson that will push us one step closer.
One moment we jump 10 steps forward then realize society wants us 20 steps back.
We can't be too ahead so we settle with a few steps back.
But once you've been on a step more than once, that step no longer exist anymore.
so we fall to the pit.
the pit they made because they knew.
Now i know.
And now i'm stuck.
There trying to act like they know.
I'm out here because i knew.
No its never anything new.
Ignorance is not bliss because i see clearly now.
Catch a ride on the band wagon and see how.
Stick it in your pipe and smoke it.
Because god will never, never show it.
Start small and build your way up.
When your on my level you stay up.
one step ahead of everyone yet still one step behind.
dot. dot. dot. **** i need to clear my mind
puff. puff. puff. there we go, back on the grind.
Cold veins, cold blood, cold heart, torn apart.
No light, no life, hustle hard, play right.
Keep your sanity, no vanity, me myself and your family.
Held hostage, don't block this, more hurt, more pain.
Its the gain, play the game.
When you gamble, you scramble, mind cells ramble.
No itch, no glitch, keep it tight, get rich.
Its everything, its everywhere its money not funny.
Don't laugh, don't cry. just deal just deal.
Swallow the pain like a pill.
Next day, next morning, keep it moving, no mourning.
Bare body's touching, palms together.
Eyes locked on you, your my better.
I beg and I plead for you to let me in.
Don't want stories told just toss them in the bin.
I wanna be in your heart your mind your soul.
Me and you together you make me whole.
But whats this doubt inside my mind?.
Is it the love or the lust thats making me blind?.
Am I only human? can I bleed can I cry?
Thinking of the days after, after you pass me by.
Misery loves company and I hate being alone.
So when you leave i'll think of you till the aches hit my bones.
I'll dream of your body and our palms together.
Only wishing and praying it would last forever.
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