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Katie F Fitch Nov 2013
I'd be lying
if I said
I didn't miss it.

The phone calls,
the messages,
the sweet gestures
and oh-my those cuban sandwiches!

...but please don't misunderstand.
I miss the calls
but not your voice.
I miss the messages
but not your words.
I miss the gestures
but not the person behind them.

Please don't misunderstand.

**I don't miss you.
sorry i ****** up and gave you mixed feelings.
Katie F Fitch Jun 2013
gave you the letter
I spent an hour writing
at 1am
the night before

gave you a hug
that felt a little rushed
because my mind
was still processing what was happening

but as I sat down
on that cold hard seat
of the ever so slow R train
it just hit me

You are forever gone.
and it reminded me
of what my teacher had once said:

*"It takes a while for the heart to catch up with the mind."
Goodbye Amy. My loveliest and the craziest, most amazingly fantastic foreign-exchange best friend I could ever ask for! Love you always!
Katie F Fitch Jun 2013
I want money till I can drown in it
I want fame to the point of suffocation
I want glam that will make 'em think twice
I want that oh-so-golden life!
that's all.
Katie F Fitch Jun 2013
It's 2:14 in the morning right now. The soft chatter of a commercial plays in the background. I can hear the gusty wind but it surely won't bring me down tonight. I have watched five episodes of Carrie Diaries in a row and I have mixed feelings about the show but MY GOD ARE ALL THE DRESSES JUST PERFECT! Anyway, my left eye is starting to see fuzzy and I feel I should give in to some sleep for once. I began to think about people and things and how that's all there was to it. I am a person and this is a thing! To be completely honest, I thought about you and how I really don't want us to be anything more than friends I don't feel that way about you. I thought about you, a fleeting yet the very best of my friend whose return wasn't guaranteed. I wish you didn't have to leave. I thought about the new guy and how my mother seemed genuinely happy today. I'm happy for her. I thought about our plans for tomorrow and the promises that we had made. I hope you won't break them. I thought of it all yet only a couple minutes seemed to have passed me. As I laid back on my extremely childish heart-covered pillow and sheets, I realized that for just now, I'm okay.
A little short what-I-was-thinking-at-the-moment entry.
Katie F Fitch May 2013
I'm from places
that no longer exist on the map.
I've met people
whose diversity could break
the fabric of universe.
I try to be still
because more so often
I feel terribly volatile.
As I tried to sum up my life for my actual bio, I felt it more of a poetry than a prose. Yes I do understand that all I did was break the lines. Oh sue me! Anyway, thanks for reading~
Katie F Fitch Nov 2012
Those petty humans,
don't they know?
They look their best
when tucked in perfectly
into their wooden coffins.
All dolled-up ready to leave
with a flower in their hands
to make up for their evils.
Katie F Fitch Jun 2012
I glanced over the side and stood on the yellow edge.
A light breeze and a light drizzle – cold, but I didn't mind.

Innocent were the days when we fought over nothing;
because the best happens before it really happens.

Of all the fates possible, it had to be this.
But of course I wasn't thinking at that moment; it was impulse.

I watched the Manhattan bound train pass by atleast 10 times;
and I glanced over the horizon just to keep up with the planes flying by.

Yet my Queens bound train had let me down again.
With all the patience I could muster, I sat for a while and watched the cold air fall.

Your words no longer oscillate my heart.
Instead they seem to slowly pass by me, just like the old lady that took her time walking.

Now I know that those days were sporadic ones.
Just like my train seems to be right now.
My very structured English Poetry Unit Project

— The End —