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 Feb 2013 Kathy Myers
Katie Young
In keeping with tradition, stranger,
we will walk past one another and
not say a word.

I’ll glance nervously at converse on the
weedy walk; you’ll distract yourself
a nearby bird.

I’ll never know how you’ll cry alone
between linens tonight because you
realized you feel nothing.

You’ll never know how I pacify myself
with myths and lies just to keep
my composition.

We’ll both be lonely and never know
why. We both will always ache for
something we can’t name.
 Feb 2013 Kathy Myers
heavy bored
I have never met love
but I have seen it from across the room
it's just that I was unable to extend my arm
long enough to shake its hand
instead I daydream about you raising your voice
because the indifference is so cold
and I need some anger to keep me warm
when I forget my mittens and my confidence in California
My broken bones
In a decorative vase
In New York City’s living room.
What an honour it is to be
A tragedy, oh.
Look at the way her femur is cracked.
The pain she must have felt! To have
Tasted an ounce of it, I’d never
And the pictures are taken
And the young boys don’t “get it”
And the girls laugh at their ignorance, as they themselves
Struggle for definitions.
But I am enigmatic.
My bones have no story.
My bones can be yours.
my whole world has come crashing around me-
since you left-like a kindergardener running out of elmers glue,
i cant hold myself together,
you've left me to fix a broken peice of work
(you used to think it was a masterpeice)
the love you confessed seemed so sureal
now i dont think it was so,
patrick, this ones for you; i pray for you.
Mother Nature gave me up for adoption
                    She was young
                                          I was destructive.
Don’t be silly yes I adore you
I drown myself in the days that I’m away from you
I recall when I couldn’t sleep without you by my side
But I often feel this heave of sadness invade my heart
So suddenly tearing me apart
I want you I would also like my mind
Perhaps you float inside of me
Swim in my stomach with the whiskey and pills
That at one time I never knew
But pain is so real since you been gone
Everything seemed to lose its appeal
Except when I’m numb because then I feel
My lips are coated with white coated pills
But they desire your kiss
My eyes have no sparkle and my voice has no sound
You were the only thing I never did wrong
Outside the window
I see the snow
There's nothing I can do

It's as cold out there
As it is in my heart
Waiting here for you

Suffering through Christmas
Alone beside the tree
Remembering the day when it
Was only you and me

The world ices over
Before my eyes
The wind is blowing strong

Freezing me
Down to the bone
I thought you were the one

Awaiting for the Spring to come
All the ice to melt away
But even when the chill is gone
You won't be here to stay

Dreaming of all the flowers,
Happiness, and sun
Even when Spring does get here
In my heart there will be none

For every cycle has its end
Mine has come to pass
I should've known, just like the seasons
We could never last

So as the months go by
And the calender's seasons change
I'm stuck in this cold Winter
My season stays the same

Sitting at this window
Knowing what I see
Knowing I will never feel
What everyone else seems to be

All other people
Feel the light of Spring
Experience the heat of Summer
And all the happiness Fall brings

For me it's only Winter
Shorter days, even longer nights
By this window I spend my day
Searching for your light

The light you brought into
This dark heart of mine
When you left you put it out
Gone, without a sign

Here by this window
I search everyday
Waiting for your light to shine
And my Winter to fade away

But the sun never shines
Down on my face
Happiness I do not see
There never is a trace

Patiently I view the land
Empty and quiet everywhere
Your footsteps hidden under the snow
Like you were never there

The wind whispers through the cracks
In a sweet, soft tone
Almost creating a presence here
Where I am so alone

In this place of ice and cold
Where Christmas never appears
Excitement from the days of old
Is now replaced with tears

Someone move along this season
Winter, and all my fears
So I will have a reason again,
To smile when Spring is near
 Jul 2011 Kathy Myers
Cindra Carr
She broke my heart again
It failed as she skipped out of reach
It’s okay
Little things can go unnoticed
How big can a heart really be?
She gave it a kick as she stumbled over it
That paled in comparison when she stepped on it
I gift wrapped my heart
I even sang a little tune as I tied the bow
She had that look though
A little moue of surprise and a stutter
My heart dropped and I leaned back
Bracing myself always feels like it should help
But, then she broke it
Kicked it
Stepped on it
Scuffed it for sure
It got a little blurry
I knew as soon as she said
“We can still be friends right?”

I don't remember, any more,
The exact shape of your hands
As I held them in mine,
Caressed them,
Memorized the length of your fingers,
The depth of your calluses.

I don't remember, any more,
Exactly your height, how much
Taller than me
You were, where
My head rested on your chest
When you held me tightly close.

I don't remember, any more,
Your scent, when we lay together
Creating our own
Magic rhythm,
Matching our heartbeats as we
Touched the sky, together.

I don't remember, any more,
The sound of your voice, calling
My name as though
It were a song
Within itself, a precious treasure
You valued with all your being.

And I don't remember, any more,
The color of your eyes, the shape
Of your lips,
How your eyes crinkled at the corners
And your laugh, as you told me,

"I love you."
Copyright by Ash L. Bennett, 2011
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