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Kathy Byers Aug 2011
As he slept she noticed the way his lashes fluttered with each intake of breath.
The way his hair fell across his forehead.
He stirred, his baby blues searching her eyes.
"What are you looking at?" He mumbled at her as he pulled her close.
"Nothing..." She whispered into his chest.
As he nuzzled her neck as his breathing slowed as he fell back to sleep with her wrapped in his arms.
“I love you.” She said to his sleeping outline as she finally drifted off to sleep.
Kathy Byers Apr 2011
There are mud stains on the back of my jeans.
Empty glasses in the sink.
The blanket on the living room floor.

My lungs stop working every time I look at them.
Air getting caught in my throat.
I clean up, and it becomes real:
It's over.
Kathy Byers Apr 2011
I jumped in head first, not seeing what a danger it was loving you.
You played your part in my fairytale - but I never got my perfect ending.
I never knew anything was wrong until you were gone.
How is that possible when you claimed I knew you well?
Kathy Byers Jan 2011
He's not the kind of guy who will stay under false pretense.
Doesn't read big into commitment and doesn't exactly plan for future.

She sticks around with smiles.
Wanting just a little more of him, knowing she can't have it.

She's not the type of girl to leave the ones she loves.
(They usually leave her.)
Kathy Byers Jul 2010
The cold fall air rushed to meet him as he softly shut the door.
The leaves scattered around the sidewalk making music.
His hair blew in the wind and his breath left trails in the sky.

The snow started to fall as he walked away with a heavy heart.
(She watched from behind the curtain.)
Kathy Byers Jul 2010
I went with you to your cousins wedding reception.
I could tell you were uncertain about asking me, you were hesitant and nervous.
Like if you asked it would mean this is a significant relationship. (Your fear of commitment still surprises me.)

Dressed to impressed I met your aunts and uncles.
Plastered with smiles I chatted with your sisters, and laughed with your parents.

Later you told me I was beautiful and kissed me on the cheek.
Thanked me for coming with you.
To me, that was the best part of the night.
Kathy Byers Mar 2010
Your skin smelled of smoke, ( campfire not nicotine. )
When you grabbed me and held me (as if I would run from you.)
Told me you loved me and when I laughed, you told me I was beautiful.
And when I'm with you that is exactly how I feel.
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