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To dance within your heart of dreams,
and touch the soul of a loved one dear.
Feeling the fire of passion in your blood,
to hold their loving body near.

Two souls, once meant to be as one,
Being loved, only to remain forever apart.
Hoping forever to be reunited in the end.
within your true lover’s arms,

Your soul filled with longing.
Loving, yet never to know true love.
A part crying out for the chance, to
move to the beat of love, life’s endless dance.

Kathleen Kohl/Levinski
My thoughts have turned to fantasy of a dream I wish to live.
As a sapling, into a tree grows with branches reaching to the sun.
It’s countless leaves offering shelter to the creatures scurrying below.
So it is my fantasy and dreams offer protection to my tortured soul.
The season changes, setting the leaves ablaze, reflecting the fire that lies
here dormant. Within a body and mind riddled with pain.
Shining out from eyes that have refused to age. Some see me as a woman
past her prime, but to look closer would reveal a heart that beats with a passion
which is sublime.

Kathleen Kohl/Levinski
Her breath flutters softly across his skin,
with the light airiness of sweet innocence.
Like a butterfly’s textured wings flutter,
as it drinks the nectar of the flowers.

Touching her inexperienced lips to his lightly,
her tongue exploringly tastes of his kiss.
Burning with a flaming desire for this man,
yet terrified of the fire within herself.

She can hear his whispered words of love,
just as she can feel it in his every touch.
Longing to let him still the raging tides,
that are rushing to the surface of her mind.

Desperately she pushes him away,
while an inner voice begs him to stay.
He gazes at the tears, the agony of indecision
in her eyes, knowing she will go, his heart aches.

As she runs from him across the grassy slopes,
he staunchly watches as she tries to escape
two hearts destined amongst the stars to be joined.
He cries out “ We shall never again be free!”

She pauses, stilled by the raw pain in her lover’s voice.
Throughout eternity his touch she shall feel.
As she turns and disappears, he feels the flutter
against his lips of a butterfly’s kiss.

Kathleen Kohl/Levinski
From my Dark Watcher series:

Evil rage strikes forth from his soul,
raw with the pain of rejection.
Reaching out to callously feed on another.
Caught in a web of deceit so lethal as to –
infect the lives of the innocent with his poison.

He cripples their future with angry words, painful blows,
Castes them out with vile actions of revenge-
destroying all their dreams.

He tears at the last vestige of hope,
till there is nothing but darkness, and despair,
dragging them into the same pit of rage
that swallowed him.

Love and hatred embraced in a pitiful-
dance of conformity,resignation in every step.

Contagious venom leaks from one to another,
creating a bane of evil, so corrupt, and secretive,
the damage-sometimes irreversible.

Kathleen M. Kohl/Levinski

This may be difficult for some to read, as many shall see themselves within the written words, either as the perpetrators or the victims of  abusive relationships.
A day, not so very long ago,
our lives were made complete.
GOD sent us such a blessing,
a child so soft and sweet.

A gentle, pretty little girl,
With a smile that catches your eye.
Chestnut hair, and a button nose,
eyes as blue as the morning sky.

As he looks down upon this
Earth of yours and mine.
He knows he sent an Angel,
as a blessing and a sign.

As I watch you grow
I come to realize,
How very special you are
In your Grandma’s eye.

Kathleen Kohl/Levinski
For my Granddaughter, I love you.
Her words ignite a fire in his blood as
thoughts of possessing her fill his mind.
He knows not how she is able to touch him
with the miles so vast between them.
But her words are as fingers of passion,
leaving a burning trail across his skin.

She speaks the language of lovers as old as time,
with a desire so intense it rages beyond control,
filling his heart with a glorious love, and a warmth
that reaches deep into his soul.
He knows this to be the only way his love for her
he can embrace, for the vows she has spoken before
him she knows she can not disgrace.

So let it be here that he has her love,
for he knows he can never say goodbye.
She has intertwined her thoughts with his,
touched his heart with fingers of love and desire.
He understands that in her heart and soul a
lifetime of love for him alone resides.

Kathleen Kohl/Levinski
The air is brisk, all the leaves the color of flames,
as they send off sparks to incite the heat of desire.
Watching as they sway like lovers dancing in the wind.
The sun reflects off the pond as if sprinkled with glitter.
Ducks swim amongst the flickering lights as if they
were a ballet that never tires,

A path leads to a magical gazebo that has withstood
the hands of time. Etched into its body are the words
of lovers written in rhyme. What wonderful secrets
this old wood must have heard told. All the kisses
and whispered  endearments of lovers so bold.

Stolen kisses, forbidden embraces, anger, frustration,
laughter and tears. this place had to have seen it all,
in it’s many years. Touch the wood and feel all the warmth
of love and desires it holds. Each grain protecting a memory
of one of many in its fold.

So come with me my friends, walk along its trodden paths.
Stroll with me into the Realm of love and fantasies.
Listen to the winds of change, dancing through the leaves.
If you listen close you just might be able to hear, a lover’s
soft laugh or maybe the falling of a tear.

Kathleen Kohl/Levinski
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