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katheen winarta Oct 2016
Where is the art of carefreeness i used to have?
Now it's even hard to breath
The pain, The suffer, and The part of me that bleed? it's me you've slained

Its my fault
To let you become my happiness, and that's
Where i turn to be piece of God's desolated creature-again.
You know all of miserable life story, I told you once
Hoping you won't be one
You know all my dreams, you were one
But seemed that you are the most apathetic one

Ripped my heart and put it on your hands
Hoping we can put some fight
But destiny decried
You opened your heart
But you never let me have the key.

Something beautiful died too soon
And i'm sitting here
command myself to surpass rapidly
katheen winarta Oct 2016
"Can you see it?"
"The disaster you've caused"
katheen winarta Oct 2016
"it's getting hilarious"
what is it?
"my aches, my suffer"
katheen winarta Oct 2016
I can hide my emotions of you
I can makes everything seems so fine
I can be generously happy in public
But, also i can saw every invisible bleed
Of mine from the cut you've slained me.

Afterall, what i can say is i hope you live well.
I hope you got new better lover
I hope you find new better me
I hope she treat you right
So I can see you smiling beautifully.

And I hope I can have my strenghts
to bare every aches you got me into.
katheen winarta Oct 2016
and when the night cuts into day
its your love
that i craved
but with you seems
its's heartache
that i breathe

— The End —