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Katelin Smith Mar 2017
Why can't i see straight?
Is the music video supposed to look that way?
Im overwhelmed
In a good way
I like feeling insane
I have an excuse now
I can’t think of any ugly color
Running away sounds like a better idea
Than any idea i've heard all year
I wish i never had to eat again
I probably should take care of my body
How many galaxies surround us
How many planets are there actually
Or is it all a lie
Neil Armstrong didn't land on the moon
It's a huge hologram
Were being played with like dolls
By higher beings

Ok, now talk to someone.
It's okay just be normal
Kinda hard to do when their face is upside down
How many of you are there?
I wish i could tell you how i feel but….
Stop moving
Stop standing still
Stop laughing
Shut up you're being weird

Who cares.
I know everything
But nothing
All at the same time
And i find it quite extravagant
Katelin Smith Mar 2017
The universe hands me everything
For some reason I push it away
I'm selfish, wasteful
Worthless and hopeless
Nowhere to run
Except six feet under
I'm ready to be stuck there
I wish I never had to wake up
It would make it easier on everyone
On everything
Katelin Smith Mar 2017
We chase each other…
Around the spinning rings of planets
Just to share our secrets
Too abnormal for anyone to hear
I woke up.
I once had a dream
You were my everything
But really my everything this time
My oxygen
In a house on fire
Recreation of myself
Just way less flaws
I woke up.
You are my everything.

— The End —