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Kate Burton Mar 2017
Nothing hurts more than knowing that i have to let go of someone i've waited for
Today i realized that saying good bye does not always mean 'i don't love you anymore'
Because when i said good bye to you, i meant 'i love you so much'

This will be the last time i'll have to let you go
The last time i will not be beside you
The last time i won't be holding your hand
And the last time i will be unfair to you

I'll be missing our late night talks at the back of the church
I'll be missing your touch
I'll be missing your corny jokes that make me want to roll my eyes all the time
And i will be missing you

One day, we will see why this had to happen
One day, i will be beside you again
One day, all this waiting will be worth it
One day, it will be us against the world

You will be here in my heart
I hope and pray that i'll stay in yours
Please wait for me
And i promise this will be that last time i'll have to let you go

Kate Burton Feb 2017
it's sad that i have to say goodbye
even before i had the chance to say hello

Kate Burton Feb 2017
and just like that
i wasn't there for you anymore...

Kate Burton Feb 2017
for years, we've been on the same page,
i missed you and you missed me
i wanted to talk to you, and you did too
and now i'm scared
because i think i'm getting over you,
is it selfish for me to wish,
to wish that you're not feeling the same way
to wish that you're not getting over me
to wish that you regret leaving me

Kate Burton Feb 2017
it saddens me
knowing that we had something
but when people ask about us
i know you'd deny it
and say "that was nothing"
because people know about the two of you
and no one knows about us

Kate Burton Feb 2017
i still hide you in my poetry

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