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KAT Jan 2011
I am the Bird and you are the Bee
Waiting patiently for the flowers to bloom;
We set and watch the trees grow roots.
This confident laugh is contagious on most sunny days.
You enjoy playing on that; I know you do.
Singing a song, I wrote for you.
Stamped, sealed with a kiss, and let the breeze do the rest.
All my life I have waited to lay in the grass and count stars with you.
I am the Bird and you the Bee
Your honey is sweet and I am stuck to you with golden glue.
All these lives we have lived to finally be alive.
As free as a bird in love can be,
I love you, I love you, I love you
Honey bee
I will sing my song
You can hum along
Our love is a story, ready to unfold.
(c) 2010
KAT Jul 2010
I just coughed up a butterfly.
Oh and here comes another smile.
Look down before contact is made.
A tiny giggle slips
Meeting with those eyes again
my cheeks match my lips
I seen you looking
look away
Brush the hair off my shoulder
Open smile with nothing to say
Breathe deep
breaths are shallow
I know it is snowing
But I swear I am melting
If you know you are doing this
How can you do it with a genuine sparkle?
That smile you do with those eyes
Oh I am mesmerized
KAT Jul 2010
Under covers seeing me for the first time
My whole body is trembling.
Are you really Mine?
My little heart is racing, and my soul is singing.
Your fingers gliding over my skin.
Pulling me closer, my lips quiver as they kiss around
Looking through my eyes as if you are gazing out not in.
My head is in the clouds and my feet are far from the ground.
I found where love has been hiding all these years.
Waiting seemed like eternity but I want you to have my forever.
I will love you as long as you let me, through happiness and tears.
All yours till I have no more forever’s
KAT Jun 2010
Oil spills over
Over it's all over
Run little fish run
We have come
A *** did de dum
Die, today is  a good day
No place to hide
rust colored  grains of sand
Reminds me of another land
Where our ancestors fought
Blood stained beaches
Torn Limbs apart
Fighting this fight
Terror seeps through out foreign streets
What's ours is ours, now give it back!
*** did de Dum
Oil Spills over
Spilling right Into our laps
Painting red hands black
Childlike minds that couldn't hold a rhyme
OR rhythm of a true beating heart
Drive just drive
Can anyone fix a leak?
(c) 2010
KAT May 2010
Yellow bird Yellow Bird
Only knows one tune
A lovely song that goes unheard
Good bye to soon
The fate of a fallen crow
Fly away; go back where you came from
You are a yellow bird with an electric glow
It's not worth losing for a black bird from the slums.
Salt in an open wound
Yellow bird stays and Hums along
Hollow bones flying far above the ground
A heart that stays true and strong
Only has room for one love song
(c) 2010 I wrote it so please don't steal it
KAT May 2010
"You don't know what love is...
No maybe not, but I do know you are breaking my heart"

See you in Hell
Do these words ring a bell?
Never remember to forget
I would laugh when you would say that.
You with your silver tongue and me with a base ball bat.
**** me, but it was your true love that drug you down
I was waiting on the step in my evening gown
While you drank away
Drank Up that love of yours until the very last day
The fights are memories just the same
I miss you regardless, no ones to blame
(c)2010 I wrote it so please don't take It.
KAT May 2010
When I dance the outer realm seems to disappear.
What once was is no longer a fear.
Flames dance on my body as my body intertwines with fire.
Making passion, displaying love, exposed desire.
Heat rising, keep dancing to the beautiful song.
Burnt hair and char coaled fingertips, this is where I belong.
Underneath the midnight light.
Ickarus taught me to take flight.
Fueling my fire takes more than one match.
With needle and thread he made a patch.
Blindfolded we played with fire.
Love made me this lair.
-Kelly Tibbets
(C)20 10
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