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Kashish Dharod Apr 2015
Just one glimpse of mine
      took your heart away,
     How did I affect you
     in such an intense way?
    From a distance,you scrutinized me
        all the while,
    Thinking me to be a flower,
        delicate n fragile.

    Your dark blazing eyes stared at me
with heat,
            Looking into your eyes,my heart always
skipped a beat.

    You didn't even make a move and talk.
    All we did was look at each other
   and walk.
    Because you were too shy,
        To even say a 'Hi'.
    But still I knew you liked me,
        there was no doubt.
    B'cause you gave me the type of feeling
    people write stories about.

    Two years passed,things were
     still the same
    It seemed like,we were playing
      a secret loving game.

    Astoundingly, that odd electric pull
       is still present between us.
    Make my breath to accelerate and
       give me the adrenaline rush.

    How can you make me feel like this
      after so long,
    Pulling me even more closer to you
making our bond strong.

  Its enough now.
  I can't take it any longer.

    Come to me,whisper in my ear,
       Say that you love me too.

                                  Because the person to whom am wildly                                    
       attracted and driving me insane is,


— The End —