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Kasey Jun 19
What is this
This thing that I am feeling
I can't explain it
I've never felt it before
This feeling could it be something new
Whatever it is
I can't help but enjoy every second I feel it
Kasey Jun 19
It's funny to think
You walked into my life just one month ago
Yet everything about you happens to make my days better
Just one month changed everything about everything
I have found joy in the lovable self of you
We found each other in the perfect time
I can't help but find myself falling
I'm falling so hard for you
You make me feel so special
I can really say I would do anything for you
Kasey Jun 10
We've been talking for a while
And yes
We've held hands
And yes
We've huged for prolonged periods of time
But today
Today was something special
You pulled me in and kissed me
My heart
It raced a mile
That one kiss was something special
Kasey May 28
I'm sitting here on the phone
With you
We just happen to be on facetime
You where telling me about your long night
How you had so much fun partying with the boys
Then we go on to talk
Talk about everything
You eventually fall asleep on me

I started to wonder if you know
If you know that I know you have a crush on me
I know you talk to all your friends about me
trust me they're my friends too
they tell me everything

Now I wounder if you know
If you know how I feel about you
We started off as total strangers
And now I think I'm
In love with you
Kasey May 2
I know the probability of you seeing this is slim
I want you to know that I like you
A lot
Every thing about you
Is perfect
Even your imperfections
I know
That doesn't make sense
You're always talking about how you want to treat a girl right
How you want a girl to treat you right
You always tell me what you want in a relationship
Everything you describe is perfect to me
you know how to always cheer up a room
I don't get it
you are a funny loving guy that gets treated wrong
Want to be the one to finally treat you right
If I knew how you felt
you're always sending mixed signals
Want to tell you how I feel
I don't want to loose our friendship
Banquet is coming up
Everyday I hope you ask me
I know you won't
For now
It will be
Just a crush
Kasey Apr 7
You told me I couldn't tell my friends that I loved them
You where the only one I could love

You told me I wasn't aloud to wear makeup
Natural was better

You forced me to talk to you when I wasn't in the mood to
You wanted the power

You told me you would **** yourself if I left
You where scared no one would love you any more

I left
The truth is out
Kasey Apr 7
Everyone takes a piece
No matter who they are
Everyone has my heart

After a while it takes a toll
It drains me of all of my energy
It takes away my life

The pieces of my heart help
They make people happy
They fix problems

I have nothing left
Someone stole the little bit I had left
I hope that someone is happy
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