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Kasandra Curtis Oct 2012
Somebody will always be sad.
Somebody will always be mad.

Somebody will always be hopeful.
Somebody will always be happy.

Somebody will always love you.
That somebody is **me!
Its a Really goofy love poem, I know, but I'm tired today. Three lessons already today and plus its really overcast and gray today. The first four somebodies, change all the time, but the fifth somebody won't change. My love is lasting.
Kasandra Curtis Oct 2012
You love, are a multifaceted gemstone.
If I gaze at one facet too long
I miss the shine of the whole.
But I can't stop focusing on
The brilliant cut of your crown facet,
The glimmering sapphire stare,
And the smooth, slick shine
Of your pink opal lips.
You dazzle me in so many ways,
I am rich with love, when you are my treasure.
Kasandra Curtis Oct 2012
When you're certain of love,
All doubts die swift deaths.
Kasandra Curtis Oct 2012
If they could harness the energy of our love
They could power the whole planet.
This electric affection
Coursing between us,
Is the single most powerful force known.
Scientists wish to fashion it into a weapon.
But the only thing it is good at killing
Is my pain and my sorrow.
You energize me my darling.
Let's light the whole world with our love!
Kasandra Curtis Oct 2012
A multicolored paradise. My world turns brown when you frown.
Kasandra Curtis Sep 2012
Tell me about all the bad things that happened today,
The way your coworker acted like a grumpy ***,
And brought everyone's mood down,
how you couldn't wait to clock out.
Or you can pull me close in your embrace
And kiss me passionately
Until you forget about your bad day.
Let me **** the worry from out of your mouth,
And take you by the hand,
And lay you in our bed.
Either way
I am here for you
My love.
Kasandra Curtis Sep 2012
As ever
Your love is the goal
Of my endeavors,
I often wonder why I work so hard,
When you already love me more
Than my silly heart can stand.
But, still,
As ever,
I endeavor for your love.
If you look down deep enough
Beneath the blood and diversionary fluff,
All any of us here wants
Is a little love,
From someone as special as you.
The things that you do...
They help me get through.
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