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Karen Wyld Jun 2014
Journey to success.
Is in the hand of oneself.
Change Today! Have Faith!
Karen Wyld Jun 2014
A strong protector
Loving and benevolent
My wonderful father
Dedicated to my dad David Hunt
Karen Wyld Jun 2014
Drained of energy
Feeling old and decrepit
Need motivation
To climb out of this fatigue
Bringing rejuvenation.
Karen Wyld Jun 2014
An orb of bright light,
Angels gathering around.
Bringing reassurance,
To lost souls in transition.
Assisting them to heaven.
Karen Wyld Jun 2014
A meditation.
Spiritual pathway opens.
Embrace divine God.
Karen Wyld Jun 2014
Moth attracts to light.
Fluttering those burning wings.
Journey to darkness.
Karen Wyld Jun 2014
Out of my depth,
Swimming in the shallows.

Dragging my feet,
Hiding in the shadows.

Swallowed up in darkness,
Cloaked against the light.

Emptiness surrounding me,
I'll fight with all my might.

Tears I have cried,
a shrinking violet I've become.

Awaken my soul,
To try to overcome.

Clawing back at life,
I will conquer I will rise.

Like a phoenix in the ashes,
Expanding to the skies.
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