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You say that you're sorry
I believe you
But I can't let go

You say that you love me
I'm everything
you've ever wanted

But I can't believe you
Not deeply, completely
My memory won't let me

I can't let go
I'm sorry

You think that I'm ******
Too pushy
Too clingy

You don't see I need you
You complete the air that I breath in

It's not that I don't trust you
I don't trust those around you

I know you're not one to
show your true feelings

So I pray that one day
I can let go, believe you
Get rid of the voice in my head

That reminds me of a time when you were
younger, weaker, dumber

When you hurt me
left me broken
to suffer

I know that I'm clingy
pushy, ******
I'm not like you, I relive every moment

I pray one day I'll come to my senses
See that the past is dead
Gone forever

But for now I sit
Suffer, my heart silently breaking
Haunted by images in my head

— The End —