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Kara Lee Cook Apr 2014
Weeping Cascades of redeeming droplets,
my soul experienced resurgence and cure.
At once, poignant and lachrymose episodes occurred, unceasing.
Like a newborn’s first burning breath, they seared
though giving life and vitality
So I reached, a rosebud, eager to drink morning dew
and let the affecting liquid wash over me,
replenishing my spirit.
Kara Lee Cook Apr 2014
Between r.e.m and dawn
I heard it.
Before blue awoke black
and sent yellow out to play
Beneath shadow gray
I felt it.
Sounds of a lover’s touch caressed me
and I held them close
In purple candle light
I remembered.
Before black tucked in blue
and the northern night-light burned
And then I knew.
It was a lie.
Kara Lee Cook Apr 2014
During the night-morning hours,
as sun and moon exchange domains
They stand facing each other,
infinite space between them.
Those two in the same room,
the same two who catch
then throw daggerous words,
bleeding from their impact.
Crashing silences belie
years worth of artillery
and aberrations of emotion
camouflage ever constant love
waiting patiently in the background.
Becoming a reluctant referee,
exhaustion pulls the blanket
over hurt and anger.
Apologies arrive to take down
barbed-wire fences around the heart.
Kisses, the psychological band-aids,
provide comfort for the scrapes on their souls.
Feeling, then knowing,
that one cannot survive without the other,
they acquiesce;
the two who might be named
night and day.
Kara Lee Cook Apr 2014
Champagne flavored rain
Kaleidoscope skies
Carnival days
December lights
Saturday dreams
Magical moons
Rainbow melodies
Memories of you.
Kara Lee Cook Apr 2014
If your heart raged
Like a black tempest on an endless blue sea
If your blood ran
Like fiery lava down ancient rock
If your hands reached out to touch
And grasped only colorless clouds
If your breath pulled in and out
Like gentle breezes over jagged rocks
If your soul knew no limit to any emotion…
Then you would know how it feels
To be in love with you
Kara Lee Cook Apr 2014
She believes
in picket fences and two-story castles
in geometric hedges and manicured lawns
She relies on window blinds
and the convenient camera
that remains slightly out of focus
She spends her days
applying adhesive to china pieces
and polishing away revealing cracks
She spends her nights
nurturing splinted dreams
and convalescing hopes
So when he says
"I love you, it will never happen again"
She believes
Kara Lee Cook Apr 2014
Crystal souls
cry condemnatory tears
bitter in the sagacity of their forfeiture;
The investigation exposes
pink blush, red life, and violet neglect
rendering transparent understanding
in the homicide of abducted youth.
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