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Kam Yuks Mar 2018
My life is mismanaged
Try to catch up, think fast
Too slow.

I’m so far behind
I just caught a whiff of your ****
Two years late.

You smile, blink your eyes
And turn away
From the rumination

It’s hard to start something new.
It’s even harder
when your past breathes harder
Than your present.
Kam Yuks Mar 2018
There is nothing poetic about sitting in a dark locker room and crying at work.

There is no redemption in laying on your couch all weekend and watching forensic files.

There is nothing pretty about this place - where suffering means nothing.
Kam Yuks Jun 2017
Reach farther,
She isn't totally repulsed
by your bald sweaty head
and Sensitive blotchy skin.

May as well hide my face
and starve this desire

You deserve more than my
infantile objectification
I've coveted your beauty,
packed your image away
within this place in my mind.

I'm not the type to let my blood
Drip on others, in fact
I pay special mind to ensure
The poison stays inside.

When you ignore me
it hurts and I lose footing.

You asked to come with me
to get coffee
Of course you can - always.

I'm too ashamed to tell you
how I feel
And how hearing your voice
fills me with excitement and

Cheers to you
and the longing
In my heart
Crushin' so ******' ******* this woman at work and its knotting me up inside. She is just really not in to me and I'm having a difficult time accepting that.

This is part of my effort to let go and free up that energy for positivity in my life and to withdraw this longing from the image I've created of her in my head. I'm way too old for this ****.
Kam Yuks Jun 2017
Last night in bed
I imagined your face
In front of
a setting sun

Surrounded by
The amber sky
Your smile was radiant

I tried separating
The pain in my heart
From the gratitude I feel
for witnessing your existence
Kam Yuks May 2017
forgot your face.
But the tears don't stop. I left
them in the mountains somewhere
over Williamsport when I passed through.

There were even more
trailing through the streets,
Floorboards, walls, parks, monuments, and
hotels of Washington D.C.

Don't mind me because I Am
pushy or aloof - oh, I forgot.

You really don't give a ****.
  May 2017 Kam Yuks
soft entities
calm as moonless waters
smooth as porcelain
in the palm of a rough hand

a small fixation on lust
and a larger on love,
cold little fairies
shifting at dusk.

lavender skin,
cold little fingers,
leaves of gray,
flowers of light.
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