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Kali Dec 2012
I guess you're going a separate way
But I can't find the words to say
All that's in my collapsing heart
So I drive it into works of art
Kali May 2011
You reel me in,
to shut me down,
Forever waiting,
slowly hating,
With no reason,
for this addiction...
Kali Jan 2011
Inside my head I scream and shout,
and say that you are now allowed,
to keep my heart all for yourself.

But at the same time it's a lie,
for I have neither strength nor will,
to steal back that which isn't mine.

So now there's no more heart to give,
when it clings to you... so constantly,
but this road is a straight dead end.

I'm afraid for my heart that's run away,
so treat it kindly, it's my only one,
and let it live to love another day.


You can't choose who you love.
The heart knows what is wants.
It's relentless, it doesn't listen.
It dismisses reason.

It's a logic killer.
Kali Oct 2010
As gentle as the misting rain,
You’ve soaked your way into this brain.
No matter what, there’s always doubt;
I try and try to pound you out.
But oh, again I fall back in…
It seems like I can never win.
Kali Oct 2010
α ℓσиєℓу nιgнт, уσυя ємpту fα¢є.
му нєαят fℓυттєяѕ αт α fαѕтєя pα¢є.

ωαѕ тнιѕ fα∂є∂ ℓσνє ѕσ ¢σммσn pℓα¢є?
ѕσмє вяєαкιиg мιѕт fσя мє тσ ¢нαѕє,
ωнєяє fιngєяѕ nєνєя ιnтєяℓα¢є?
тнιѕ нσℓℓσω ¢яу nσ ѕσυℓ ¢αn тяα¢є.

тняσυgн мσσn αn∂ ѕтαяѕ αи∂ тιмєℓєѕѕ ѕpα¢є,
уσυ ¢яєαтє му ∂уιng gяα¢є.

— The End —