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Kat Sep 2013
Never sold my soul
Cause it’s all I have left,
But I loved you as yours  
Got entwined in the clefts

I don’t sleep at night
Cause my dreams play old reels
Of what we used to be
Of what we used to feel

And I’m so lost now,
Watching my cold blood run
Down this rusty switchblade,  
Let it boil in the sun

A lady once said
Someone cursed me at birth
They can have all that’s left
It’s not like there’s much worth

But did she hex you too?
Seems like you’re walking through
The same demented path
My heart was melted to

These words can’t describe
The way I look at you
I can’t apologize
I don’t know what to do

Are you listening?
I know why you hate me
And I’ll never blame you
But it’s devastating

Had a dream last night  
That I walked in to find
You dangling from the roof
I ******* lost my mind

But you took my hand
And kept your unkempt health
Then with your ****** noose
I went and hung myself
Kat Sep 2013
They say you’re dead
I kiss your lips when they’re blue,
You say I’m dead
But my heart still beats for you
D­id I ever tell you
How perfect you are?
I’ll wear your black eyes
And I’ll cover the scars
**** me up,
Take what’s left of my heart
Baptize me
In your shallow love,
Then drown me in the deep part

If it means that I’m yours
I would give you the stars
But until then
I guess I’ll just sit at the bar
And get ****** up
Out of my cigarette filter mind..
Drown myself in the tar

But I’ll see you in my dreams,
Our coke-white eyes will gleam
When they meet,
In the lovely land I built
When I was tearing at the seams,
Then I’ll wake up in tears
And I’ll fall back downstream
And I’ll cry in the sink,
Cause ****’s not what it seems
So I’ll blow out my brains
And it won’t be redeemed,
But I’ll still dream from hell
And for you, I’ll still fiend
Kat Sep 2013
Can’t seem to escape
This ******* daze
Look up at the sky
And put my hands over my face
Cover my blood red eyes
That are glassy and glazed
And wonder how I let **** get this way
In the first place

I used to cry for you
In the emergency room
Imagined blood on the white walls,  
Took in the hospital fumes,
And in the world’s eyes
You were doomed
You were consumed
Inside your broken made up world
Of pills and costumes
I brought you flowers
Such a beautiful bloom
Then they withered away
Just like you always do
In my tattered eyes
You were the queen of my moon
And I ******* loved you
But it only went one way
I assume

Now I have suicidal tendencies
Every time you look at me,
With those dead shark eyes
Can you even see?
When you’re laying on the floor
And in your ****** up mind
You’re free,
Now you’re just like my aunt
Who always said “let it be”
But she was ignorant
And for that, she paid the fee
I threw her funeral last week

But I’ll still cry for you every night
And hope that you’re alright
But I know one day you won’t be
Guess I’ll see you on the other side
When you get your wings
I hope they’re white
And I hope it was worth it
Tell my grandpa I said hi
Kat Sep 2013
Broken down,
We walked the same plank,
And tumbled to a sea of gray

Tattered, with a heavy past,
My anchor sank down fast,
You watched me fade into the vast

You could have followed me,
But my reef was filled with skeletons
Of memories,
And soggy dreams that sailors lost at sea
Like you and me

The waves pulled us apart

When the seasons change
You seem to rearrange,
You’re like a shark in a cage
I’m on the other side
The way you crave me is strange,
You watch me from a different range

The seasons pass
And we still swim in different schools,
Guess you could say I’m a fool
‘cause with you my head spins
Like a ******* whirlpool

You follow me
Into the weeds,
You follow me
Through my bad deeds
And watch me bleed,
But then you take the lead,
You’ve got exactly what I need

There’s other fish in the sea,
There’s other shores to swim through
But you’re a different shade of blue,
Colors I wanna pursue,
And all the depths that we drowned
Will not ever undo,
I’d swim to the bottom and back
Just for you

Battered fins,
We walk the same plank,
And this time I won’t let you go
Kat Sep 2013
I walk these deserted streets
With a tumbling mind
But I waltz with my head forward
‘Cause it ***** to look behind

I stumble them with jagged heels
And a beer in either hand
I watch the city crumble down
And try to understand
Kat Sep 2013
You came, to find me
Covered in blood and sinking
Into oceans of *****
I don't know what I was thinking

But I suppose you can't be lost
When you have no where to go
So I built myself a home
A snow white castle, made of blow

And I still go there sometimes
Just to see my deadbeat father
But he doesn't give a ****
So I'm not sure why I bother

I could be the queen of hearts
That players search the deck for
Or I could just be yours
And I want that so much more

I'll fall asleep in your arms
Until there's no more nights
And I'll love you through the sunshine
Even after all our fights

We can build our own castle
To get us through the worst
And I can save you, love
But I need you to save me first
Kat Sep 2013
Ember covered roses
And our smoke spins your name
Into spirals of hearts,
Then it bursts into flames

The sight of an angel
Left me speechless, with grace
So I panicked like always  
And blew dust in your face

In that full moon moment
You were under my spell  
So I stole you, for mine
And dragged you back to hell

That's where I lost myself
And gave it all to you
I ******* stole your soul
But you devoured mine, too

Then the sky ripped in half
And the stars all collapsed
The heavens opened up
'Cause they wanted you back

Explosions in your eyes
Made me drop to my knees
And my poison heart bled  
When they ordered you free

You flew back to yourself
I fell back to the ground
My horns caught on fire
As your wings were unbound

You were just an angel
Haunted by the devil
Begging for attention while
Your halo wasn't leveled

But I made you my god
And gave you a throne
You tricked me with mirrors
And turned me to stone

I am but a demon
Of my own shallow ways
So I reach for the dagger
Let myself go to waste

Hollow in your presence
Take this as your treasure
Forever a statue
For your viewing pleasure
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